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The Forth Interest Group (FIG) was a world-wide, non-profit organization for education in and the promotion of the Forth computer language. This website offers an on-line literature database, programming tools, reference works, public-domain and experimental implementations of the Forth programming language for various platforms, technical conferences, and connections to other Forth resources.

Although FIG as an organization has dissolved, this website will continue to reflect the on-going interest in Forth.

Much of the Forth activity in the US centers around the Silicon Valley Forth Interest Group.

News and updated items

Forth Programming Language Information

* What is Forth? * The Forth FAQ
* Tutorials and primers * Forth success stories and applications
* Programming information
(including using Forth for CGI)
* Literature and education
(including standards documents)

Forth Groups

* SVFIG - Silicon Valley FIG * NEFIG - New England FIG
* FIG UK - FIG in the UK (Wayback Archive) * Forth-Gesellschaft eV - German FIG
* FIG of Taiwan - in Chinese * Dutch FIG
* Russian FIG *

Forth People

* FIG's officers * Old SVFIG contacts
* Programmers' resumes * Who's Who
* NodeWorks directory archive * Forth Want Ads
* Where are they now? * In memory of friends and colleagues

Forth Events and Meetings

* Forth conferences * SVFIG meeting agenda

Forth Vendors

* Forth vendors * Website for Forth vendors
* Other Forth resources    

Forth On-line Information

* Open Firmware homepage * Searchable Forth bibliography
* Forth websites * Metalinks
* Forth Dimensions * Forth Dimensions source code: 1996-99
* Journal of Forth Application and Research * CH Ting's scanned documents
* FORML Conference Article Referenece: 1980 - 1992    

Forth Information on Taygeta

FTP connection to Forth directories on:
  Bremen Mirror
Search the Taygeta Site
  FTP archives
* Forth directories on Taygeta * Index of Skip Carter's ForthWare column
* Forth Dimensions source code: 1996-99    

Forth Software and CPU Cores

* Scientific Library Project * Forth compilers
* Forth software * FIG-Forth Implementations
* Forth CPU Cores    

Forth Discussion Groups

Google Group
* WebRing Forum * Forum - Forth

Forth Searches

* Google * Yahoo
* All the Web * Alta Vista
* GigaBlast * HotBot
* Lycos * Teoma
* WiseNut * Searchalot
* Pin-Outs * IncyWincy

The Forth Webring
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The Forth Interest Group gratefully acknowledges and appreciates the continuing support of Skip Carter of Taygeta Scientific Incorporated who hosts this website.

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