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Applications Forth oriented programs including source code, word processors, games, and other interesting implementations
last updated 11/06/97
01234th.f Contains beginners' programs in ANS Forth Basic framework for creating application specific scripting languages. (compiler, interpreter, decompiler, loader and saver)
99bottles.f 99 Bottles of Beer in Forth resulted from a comp.lang.forth thread. Needless to say (?), it is not serious code
atlast-1.0.tgz Autodesk Threaded Language Application System Toolkit, embedded toolkit for open, programmable applications
The current version (03/2009) can be found here. LMI 80386 UR/FORTH ICD Cable Interface Code Source code for a simple screen-oriented block editor, in a block file Tetris for Laxen & Perry's F83 (It's known to run on the MS-DOS version and the CP/M version) Forth String Matcher for ANS and F-PC Forth, pattern matching suite with examples of use in validation and translation Interactive integrated cross-development and debugging environment (IIDE) for Forth programs
kandinski-0.tgz Program which generates a picture file from a MIDI file based on cycluphonic method of correlating color to musical pitches Game written in Pygmy Forth DOS word processor for writing Faster formatting and searching than previous versions of Wink
4th-old Directory - older versions of 4th
ANS Directory
F83 Directory
fpc Directory
pygmy Directory - Sokoban and Xbase
ThisForth Directory
turbo Directory
Win32For Directory


This archive contains a copy of the FIG archives on GENIE.

The copy is not complete, or well distributed by directories.

To get the list of files avaliable get ls-lR.Z

To get the list of files from Genie, with descriptions get the file pub/forth/filedocs/files.arc

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Thanks to the Forth Interest Group's library on GEnie, these files exist to be distributed. Thanks to the Forth Interest Group for allowing these files to be distributed from other than their GEnie library. The files in this archive that originated in FIG's library on GEnie were sent to this archive via Doug Philips' FNEAS server. If you find that any of the files are damaged, please send mail to the above address so that the damaged files can be replaced.

beta Directory
docs Directory
filedocs Directory
ibm Directory
mac Directory
news Directory
others Directory
talk Directory
tutorials Directory
various Directory

Compilers Cross compilers Forth for ADSP2100 by Dwight Elvey Forth for 6833x by Alberto Pasquale A new interactive integrated cross-development and debugging environment by Wolf Wejgaard  
68000 Directory
68hc11 Directory
68xx Directory
8051 Directory
Camel Directory - Brad Rodriguez's ANS Forth for 8 bit processors
eForth Directory
PIC Directory
z80 Directory

Compilers Native compilers
cpm Directory
cpm86 Directory
dos Directory
mac Directory
misc Directory
OS-2 Directory
unix Directory
windows Directory

Forth Dimensions 1995 - 1999
1995 Directory
1996 Directory
1997 Directory
1998 Directory
1999 Directory

Literature Forth literature directory Skip Carter's presentation to Silicon Valley FIG chapter, on 24 Feb 1996, on using ANS Forth Draft Proposal 6 of ANS Forth as F-PC hypertext (includes F-PC Draft Proposal 6 of ANS Forth in Postscript Norm Smiths conversion of DPANS6 to HTML DPANS6 in ASCII by Chris Jakeman (
mops.faq The FAQ for MOPS
randnum.tar.Z Skip Carter's Forth Dimensions random number paper
randnum.tar.gz Skip Carter's Forth Dimensions random number paper Julian Noble's Forth Primer Tim Hendtlass's Real Time Forth book

Misc Stuff
froth Froth by Oliver Singla - manual, source, and binary
vforth .taeZ Forth for VAX by Andy Valencia

Reviewed Misc. (nonANS) reviewed contributions
forthmacs.arc Forthmacs V3.00
forthmacs.msg Forthmacs info file Rob Chapman's TIMBRE system and docs
until22.txt Readme file for Norman Smith's Forth-like UNTIL Norman Smith's Forth-like UNTIL source and docs
win32for.txt Tom Zimmer & Andrew McKewan's Forth for Windows (Win32S) info file Tom Zimmer & Andrew McKewan's Forth for Windows executables, source and docs
win32in.bat Install batch file for Tom Zimmer & Andrew McKewan's Forth for Windows Albert Chan's WPFORTH system and docs
DSP Directory

Scientific Scientific Library project directory
Version.num The current version numbers of each file
Library.tgz The current library in GNU-zipped tar format
adaptint.seq Adaptive Integration using Trapezoid rule
aitken.seq Aitken interpolation
amoeba Amoeba -- Multidimensional Simplex minimization of a function
backsub.seq Back-substitution solution for LU factored linear systems
complex.seq Specification and example implementation of complex numbers for the Forth Scientific Library
complex2.seq A second example of the implementation of complex numbers
cube_rt.seq Cube root of real number by Newton's method
cubic.seq Solution of cubic equations with real coefficients
dates.seq Conversion between calendar date and Julian day (ACM 199)
dets.seq Determinant of an LU factored matrix
dfourier.seq Four methods for Direct Fourier Transforms
divdiffs.seq Forward and Backward divided differences
dynmem.seq An ANS compatible dynamic memory package
elip.seq Complete Elliptic Integral (ACM #149)
elip12.seq Complete Elliptic Integrals of the first and second kinds
expint.seq Real Exponential Integral (ACM #20)
factorl.seq Factorial function
ffourier.seq Radix-2 Fast Fourier Transform routines Forth Scientific Library utilities for ThisForth
fsl-util.fth Forth Scientific Library utilities for PFE (V0.9.9)
fsl_util.seq Forth Scientific Library utilities for F-PC
gamma.seq The Gamma, LogGamma and reciprocal Gamma functions
gauleg.seq Gauss-Legendre Integration
guidelines.txt Forth Scientific Library coding guidelines
hartley.seq Fast Hartley (Bracewell) Transform
hartley.tst Supplemental Hartley transform utilities and tests
hermite.seq Hermite interpolation
hilbert.seq Finite segment of Hilbert Matrices, their inverses and determinants
horner.seq Polynomial evaluation by the Horner method
invm.seq Inverse of an LU factored matrix Forth Scientific Library utilities for Julian Noble's contributions
kande.seq Complete Elliptic Integrals of 1st and 2nd kinds (ACM #165)
lagrange.seq Lagrangian interpolation
logistic.seq Logistic function and its first derivative
lufact.seq LU Factorization of square matrices
newton.seq Newton interpolation
pcylfun.seq Parabolic Cylinder functions and related Confluent Hypergeometric functions
polrat.seq Polynomial and Rational function interpolation and extrapolation
polys.seq Special Polynomial ( Chebyshev, Hermite, Laguerre, Generalized Laguerre, Legendre and Bessel) evaluation
r250.seq R250 Pseudo-random number generator
ran4.seq RAN4 Pseudo-random number generator
regfalsi.seq Regula Falsi root finder
runge4.seq 4th order and adaptive Runge-Kutta solvers for systems of ODEs
seriespw.seq Exponentiation of a series (ACM # 158)
shellsrt.seq Shell sort for floating point arrays
status.txt Current status of the Scientific library project
sunday.seq Sunday Quicksearch
svd.seq Singular Value decomposition
telscop1.seq Telescope 1 (ACM 37) (reduction of degree of polynomial approximations)
telscop2.seq Telescope 2 (ACM 38) Extended double integer words for ThisForth

Tools Misc. tools for Forth
4th2txt.c Utility to convert block files to text files
ansi.seq Ulrich Hoffmann's ANS-Forth compatibility package for F-PC
dynmem.seq An ANS compatible dynamic memory package
fpc2ans.seq File for loading ANS compatiblity on top of F-PC
txt24th.c Utility to convert text files to block files
uudecode.seq UUDECODE utility
uuencode.seq UUENCODE utility
zipit.bin File Zip utility for the Mac

Unreviewed Misc. unreviewed contributions
boxmul.seq Example implementation of the Box-Muller Transformation
quasi.seq An example implementation of Quasi-Random numbers
sdeint.seq A stochastic differential equation solver
simannl.seq Simulated annealing with Cauchy cooling

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