Forth Dimensions

The Forth Interest Group's bi-monthly, hard-copy magazine with an international circulation was founded in 1978. The owner of one of Silicon Valley's most successful computer bookstores called it, "The best special-interest technical magazine ever". Forth Dimensions is no longer published.

Keyword and Author index of Volumes 1 -15. pdf - Word
Contributed by Bob Smith

Author index of Volumes 1 -15. pdf
Contributed by Juergen Pintaske

Scanned Table of Contents from Volumes 16 - 20. pdf
Contributed by Bob Smith

Scanned issues of Volumes 1 - 20

Forth Dimensions Archive

Last unpublished issue of Forth Dimensions zip format: - here

Vierte Dimensions is a German magazine published in the style of Forth Dimensions. Recent issues can be downloaded from the German FIG's website.

Glen B. Haydon of The Forth Source has FIG inventory including Forth Dimentsions, other Forth publications, and other merchandies available for purchase.

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