FIG-Forth Implementations

The original scanning of FIG-Forth Implementations was done by John Hall. Subsequently, Jay McKnight used the optical character recognition function of Adobe Acrobat to further process these image files, converting them into the searchable PDF documents listed here.

Please note that:

  1. These are very large files that may take a significant time to download.
  2. The OCR text can be copied and pasted into a plain text document.
  3. The resultant text will likely contain recognition errors.

Please forward any proof-read plain text versions of these implementations to the FIG webmaster for posting.

A note on these FIG-Forth Implementations files:

"I have processed these FIG-Forth Implementations PDF files thru the "optical character reader" (OCR) and "reduce file size" functions of Adobe's "Acrobat Version 7". This does a pretty good, but not perfect, job of recognizing continuous English-language text characters, but I have not proof-read any of the text, so there will certainly be errors."

"So with such text you can use Acrobat or the free Acrobat Reader to view these files as an image, and to search for words, or to copy words, lines, or blocks of text, which are "text behind the image". But for any critical application, you must proof read the resultant text."

"With program listings, this Acrobat OCR does not work so well. It tends to ignore columns of numbers, and perhaps even columns of alphanumeric characters that are not English-language words. It also stops working after a long space between columns. Acrobat has many "preferences" that one must search for. Also there are other OCR programs, such as "OmniPage", sold by Nuance. So if you need to OCR the program listings, it would be worth while for you to see if there is a better way to do it than I have used here."

Jay McKnight
Cupertino, CA
February 24, 2007

The PDF documents are viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader. A copy can be downloaded from the Adobe website.

Implementation Size - Mb
1802 13.2
6502 22.6
6800 12.7
68000 12.3
6809 12.2
8080 V11 14.8
8086-8088 V10 17.8
9900 16.9
Alpha Micro 9.9
Apple II 20.1
Eclipse 51.2
IBM-PC 13.1
Nova 22.5
Pace 17.1
PDP-11 16.1
PDP-11 User's Guide 18.8
VAX 18.0

Original Forth Implementations by the Forth Interest Group

Systems Guide to figFORTH CH Ting, PhD
Third Edition, Offete Enterproses, Inc., 2013
fig-FORTH Installation Manual Glossary Model Release I with Compiler Security and Variable Length Names - May 1979
Installation Manual and Glossary Scanned by Albert van der Horst, Oranjestr
Apple II Model by Bill Ragsdale - 495 Kb pdf file
Unix text file - 50 Kb
DOS text file - 50 Kb
Editor Screens - 283 Kb pdf file
Editor Screens (OCR) - 283 Kb pdf file
Editor Screens - 6 Kb text file
Editor Glossary - 3 Kb text file
Editor User Manual (OCR)- 9 Kb pdf file
Editor User Manual - 4 kb text file

Scanned and submitted by David W. Schultz

Apple II Model pdf-to-text conversion by Lars Brinkhoff

Apple II Model - Screens #3 - #5 by Andrew Haley

FIG-Forth for 6800 (unix & crlf text files) Transcribed by Joel Rees
(6800 project on SourceForge)
fig86 8086 implementation (.lzh file)
figforth8088 8088 implementation by Charlie Krajewski
pdp114th PDP-11 implementation by John James
pdp11dat Data file for above implementation
guide Systems Guide to FIG-Forth by C. H. Ting

Updated FIG-Forth Implementations

Pace FIG-Forth with bug fixes Eric Smith
FIG-Forth for PDP-11 Paul Hardy

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