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Opportunity for someone who speaks Mandarin

"One of our long-time customers is looking for a good Forth programmer to help him on a project in China. You would need to be fluent and literate in Mandarin. And Forth! Your Forth skills should include embedded programming (in SwiftX would be a huge plus) and knowledge of the Atmel AVR processors would also be helpful."

Please contact me directly on my company email (

Submitted by Leon Wagner


SEA, Paris, France

Forth developer(s) to create a bottom-up FPGA Forth processor & environment

About us:
SEA designs and sells distributed architecture solutions from preliminary analysis to final implementation, targeting all industry sectors. We base our solutions on FPGA occasionally including IP processors.

In order to enlarge our range of applications, we are creating a complete development chain, from the IP processor to a full-fledged ANS-Forth compatible environment.

Working under the highest safety requirements (aerospace, transportation, ...), we must build this environment from the roots up with features not found in usual Forth implementations.

SEA is tiny and fast growing.

Project conditions:
This project phase one deals with the roots: Processor simulation and design, VHDL IP development, minimal interactive level utilities (target monitor, assembly, compiler, ..).

This phase is NOT for Public Domain diffusion and shall be conducted under strict non-disclosure agreements.

Phase two (2-3 years from now) will bring the environment to Public-Domain shared works to reach ANS-Forth compliance. This phase is unlikely to require the same skills.

Job summary:
We are looking for one or more skilled Forth developers to undertake the phase one of this long-term project. Scheduled actions:

  1. WIN32Forth processor simulator to evaluate the H/W architecture and instruction set
  2. Teaming with the VHDL designer for the concept integration
  3. WIN32Forth cross-compiler, target Monitor, test set
  4. ANS-Forth compatible project documentation

Required Skills and Experience:
The ability to write such a compiler from scratch
Strong experience of low-level embedded systems
Ability to team up with engineers located in France (English sample in this ad)
Digital Signal Processing
DO-254 & DO-178B/C awareness
GNU environment awareness

Please email your resume

Paul Ortais

Translated Job Announcement - Experienced Developer Forth

Submitted by Paul Ortais

Embedded Software Engineer - OEM Controls, Inc. - Shelton, CT

Submitted by Dennis Ruffer

Firmware Engineer - Ajobstaff - Orange, CA

Submitted by Dennis Ruffer

Firmware Engineer - IntelliPower, Inc - Orange, CA

Submitted by Dennis Ruffer

x86 Linux Driver Engineer - San Jose, CA
Ethernet Development Engineer - Canada

Submitted by Dennis Ruffer

Advanced Wireless Solutions, LLC - 11/01/2007

Embedded System Design Development - Burbank, CA

About Us:
Our company is a creator and manufacturer of the next generation wireless products. Currently, we are at the advanced stages of bringing an award-winning, innovative product to market. Our goal has been to provide consumers with cutting edge but simple and easy-to-use solutions to everyday problems. We are now looking for several extremely talented Embedded Software and Application Software Developers to join us in this exciting venture.

Job Summary:
We have unique opportunities for the best and brightest low-level assembly, C/C++ Embedded Software Engineer and Application Software Egineer. If you are a skilled and talented Embedded Application Developer we want to talk to you!!!

For this role, you need a solid understanding and hands-on experience in design and development of common platform infrastructure software, excellent in assembly, C, C++ programming skills and understand multi-threaded programming concepts. Experience in working with Forth and wireless cellular technologies [GSM, CDMA, iDen] and protocols [Hays AT, FBUS, OBEX, Brew] strongly preferred. You will analyze requirements, design, code, integrate, release and test software products for embedded processors. In addition, activities integral to software development will be performed including software configuration management.

Required Skills and Experience:

Embedded Software Engineer
  • 5+ years of product hardware or software engineering using C, C++
  • Expert-level programming skills/knowledge of C, C++, and assembly
  • Extensive knowledge of network protocols and ports
  • Experience with common embedded environments (MCU, SPI, I2C, UART)
  • Familiarity with basic Computer Science concepts (order of complexity for algorithms, stack/heap, recursion, polymorphism, generics, etc.)
  • Detailed knowledge of embedded hardware, processors, toolsets, emulators, and operating systems
Application Software Engineer
  • Knowledge and experience with software development methodologies and tools
  • High-level programming skills / knowledge of C / C++ is a plus
All Candidates
  • Strong debugging skills and the ability to solve complex problems with minimal supervision
  • Must have good written and oral communication skills
  • Able to work independently and as part of a project team
  • Able to lead and manage a team of developers

Familiarity / experience with the following protocols is a MAJOR PLUS

  • Hays AT
  • Motorla Extended AT
  • LG Extended AT
  • Samsung Extended AT
  • SonyEricsson AT/OBEX
  • Nokia AT/FBUS
  • Qualcomm CDMA/Brew
  • Windows Mobile Active Synch Exchange
  • Palm Sync
  • Sidekick
  • iPod/iPhone (Apple Accessory Protocol)
  • Any other mobile phone on the market

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • At least some experience working with Forth is strongly desired
  • Experience with modems and Hays AT Command
  • Experience with cellular wireless technologies [GSM, CDMA, iDen] and protocols [Hays AT, FBUS, OBEX, Brew]

If you feel you may be the candidate we are looking for, please email your resume.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!!!

Advanced Wireless Solutions, LLC.

Want Ads of Historical Interest

Polyforth Programmer - October 1998

Saudi Oger Ltd., King Khaled International Airport, Operations and Maintenance needs an experienced male Polyforth programmer required to work on International Airport Central Control System in Saudi Arabia. Computer environment is eight (8) DEC PDP-11/44 with operating system, also in written in Polyforth, embedded in a Polyforth application. Tax free income; medical/dental insurance, housing and vehicle provided, 30 days vacation per year with round trip air transportation to point of hire. Single status only. Salary dependent on qualifications and experience. If interested contact Tom Laughner via email,, with a brief (do not attach resume) overview of Polyforth training and experience plus availability.

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