Win32Forth Items

12/08/2002 - Win32Forth Yahoo Group

10/09/2002 - Win32Forth on SourceForge download page

09/27/2002 - Win32Forth download sites:
Latest version by Tom Zimmer
Win32For520810 - V5
Win32For42_671 - TJZ original
Win32Forth_rbs_v6r0512 - updated Rainbow version
Win32Forth_v6p0172 - updated Rainbow version

Other Forth Projects at SourceForge

05/13/2002 - F# (F-Sharp) version 203

05/09/2002 - Win32Forth 5.2

With this version you can highlight a BLOCK of text not just LINES of text. Then you can (print) - (selected) text, or paste it. BOB Smith also has made lots of improvements to DC.F It now handles printing very long lines, and 2 up and 4 up printing is fixed, and maybe more.

Colorization now has a toggle in one of the menus under the little man in the green shirt on the top line of the editor. Colorization is automatically disabled in other than dot F files .F Other files look funny if you use colorization on non-Forth files.

F7 now toggles the Browse/Edit modes. Ctrl Page down goes to the next chapter. The ESC key gets you partially out of the editor.

04/04/2002 - Win32for040402 - 5.1(a) with ANSI help, custom-keys.f, Colorization & HTML colors, (Try F1, you should see 4 colors)

02/18/2002 - Win32Forth Topica list

01/28/2002 - Win32Forth Documentation (in progress)

01/27/2002 - Win32Forth Anti-features

11/19/2001 - HTML in Win32Forth

10/29/2000 - Getting Started with Win32Forth (11Kb text file)

11/19/2001 - Wishlist for Win32Forth

07/09/2001 - Win32Forth 4.2_671 (zip file)

07/09/2001 - New stuff in Win32Forth (72Kb text file)

11/29/2000 - Win32Forth 4.2_618 (zip file)

11/29/2000 - Read me file for Win32Forth 4.2 (3Kb text file)

11/29/2000 - Win32Forth FAQ (32Kb text file)

08/30/2000 - Forth ANSI Standard Specification (606Kb text file)

07/2000 - Contributions by Andy Korsak KR6DD
Readme file
Forth source file #1
Forth source file #2
Polyroots (zip file)
Image file (249Kb)
LeCroy waveform and data capturing via GPIB
Readme file
Setup (8Kb Forth source)
Capture (41Kb Forth source)

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