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Note: Additional websites of interest to Forth enthusiasts can be found in the SVFIG Meeting Notes.

Potpourri of Forth Links

URLs - a Selection of Web-based Forth Resources
from Forth Dimensions
November - December, 1997
Bad link: The Mops Page
The Mops public-domain development system for the Macintosh with OOP capabilities like multiple inheritance and a class library supporting the Macintosh interface.
Mops on SourceForge
Frank Sergeant's Forth Page
Pygmy Forth and related files.
Embedded Software > Forth
"EG3 identifies, summarizes, and organizes the wealth of Internet information available for practical electronic design."
The Pocket Forth Repository
Bad link:
A haven for programs written using Chris Heilman's Pocket Forth, a freeware Forth for the Macintosh.
Public Domain Pocket Forth
AM Research, Inc. - "Embedded Control Experts"
AM Research has specialized in embedded control systems since 1979, and manufactures single-board computers as well as complete development systems.
Bad link: Forth on the Web
A collection of links to on-line Forth resources.
Bad link: Laboratory Microsystems, Inc.
The commercial site of LMI, with product information.
Mountain View Press - The Forth Source
Mountain View Press provides educational software and hardware models of Forth with documentation for students and teachers.
The Journal of Forth Application and Research
A refereed journal for the Forth community, from the Institute for Applied Forth Research.
Computer Solutions supplies tools for microprocessor designers and programmers in the UK.
MicroProcessor Engineering, Ltd.
MPE specializes in real-time and embedded systems.
The Home of the 4th Compiler
A personal site rich in graphics and audio, as well as technical content.
Space-related Applications of Forth
A large table presenting space-related applications of Forth microprocessors and the Forth programming languages
Product descriptions, applications stories, links, announcements, and a history of Forth
Forth Interest Group Home Page
Extensive selection of links, files, education, and a members-only section
Forth Information on Taygeta
A selection of tools, applications, and information about the Forth Scientific Library.
UltraTechnology Inc.
Website highlights
Information about Forth processors
Offete Enterprises, Inc. - on UltraTechnology's website
Offete Enterprises has Forths for many systems and documentation about some public-domain systems.
Forth Online Resources Quick-Ref Card
Extensive list of links to Forth enterprises and personalities
The Forth Research Page
Peter Knaggs' list of Forth resources
Yahoo Page on Forth
Some of the search engine's hits on "Forth"
Yahoo Groups - Forth
The Open Firmware Home Page
Information published by the Open Firmware Working Group, provided as a free service
American National Standard Forth Information
Bad link:
Coutesy of Athena Programming, Inc., working documents are posted here by direction of Technical Committee X3J14, at the discretion of the X3 Secretariat
ANS Forth: The Standardization Process
J14 Forth Information
HTML Version 3.2

Java Lobby
Rick Ross founded the organization, Java Lobby, which now has 17,000 members. They are involved in activities similar to FIG: advocating Java functionality in all PCs. One of their projects is an independent Java Operating Sustem, JOS. There could be a combined effort: FIG could contribute to the development of JOS which could also promote the Forth Operating System.

Embedded Systems



Flea Markets

  • The Electronics Flea Market is located in Cupertino, at DeAnza College. The flea market can be reached via highways 85 or 280. The event is held on the second Saturday of the month from March through October. Here is the schedule, directions, and flyer (pdf).

Wearable Computing


Windows Help

Windows Shareware

Cool Websites

Selected Electronics Companies





Selected Organizations

Directories / lists of manufacturers / sellers of neat stuff

Cool Distributers

Industrial Supply

Extreme Antique Computer Parts

Babbage Engine Parts

Phone Books & Directories

Satellite Images

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