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My homepage is a sort of historical index of the changes at the site so it mixes up all the technical information, essays, tools, etc.

The People page links to:

Dr. Ting
Dr. Michael Montvelishsky

The People page also has links to the essays, technical documenation and tools at the site organized by person.

For Chuck the files that I think are of note are:

Dispelling the User Illusion
1 times Forth
original Color Forth
original 1970 Forth paper (in PDF format)
original Forth paper (in html)

I have a couple of lenghty essays:

Low Fat Computing essay
Thoughtful Programming essay

This last one is the most recent lenghty addition to the site. It is a 110k that I did late last year in an attempt to document some of the less widely known aspects of what Chuck has been doing in software for the last fifteen years since he has been mostly focused on hardware.

The free emulators and simulators for the F21 chip have some pretty neat stuff these days. (unfortunately the cool stuff doesn't run on NT at the moment because it needs EMM and it is still a problem in NTs DOS windows.)

tool versions
emulator documentation

On F21 I have:

other chip documentation

On MuP21 (P21) I have:

chip emulator documentation
P21 simulator and documentation
free ANS Forth for P21 and the s21 simulator

Thanks for your time,
Jeff Fox

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