December 2010 Meeting Notes

Compiled by Dave Jaffe

Contributions from Kevin Appert and others


Coffee and a Chat


eP32 on LatticeXP2 Brevia Board, Part II - CH Ting
The ispLEVER development system from Lattice includes the tool suite REVEAL, which allows one to synthesize a logic analyzer with the core in the FPGA. This logic analyzer can then be used to trace any internal signal in core while it is running. Ting will discuss ispLEVER, REVEAL, and eP32. He will release an evaluation version of eP32 on XP2 to those who have a Brevia Board.

On Forth Day, eP32 Forth on Ting's Brevia Board would not restart when the reset button was pressed. Using these Lattice utilities, Ting found that this was due to the strange behavior of the onboard RAM memory: Memory 0 worked fine with a reset vector, but Memory 1 always returned bogus data.

Slides - 432 Kb pdf file


Lunch - We walked to the cafeteria at Stanford Medical Center.


Introductions, announcements, and discussion - All assembled
Everyone introduced themselves and related how they got started with Forth


DocForth - a Forth Pretty Printer - James Bowman
DocForth's aim is to make Forth sourcecode easier to understand: definitions are in bold, each compiled or interpreted word links to its definition, and ANS Forth words link to their definition in the standard.


Gforth Overview - John E. Harbold
John was ill and could not give us a look at Gforth's capabilities. His talk will be rescheduled for January.

Gforth download
Gforth manual
Gforth tutorial

Bezier Curves in ColorForth - Brad Nelson


What is Forth? - CH Ting

Slides - 112 Kb pdf file

Ruby Programming Notation - John Slater



Other items:

Sam Falvo's Mersenne Twister in Forth
Neil Bawd's Mersenne Twister 2002 Update
Christopher Browne's Web Pages - Forth
Embedded Controller Forth for the 8051 family
How to write Forth extension RfDs
Forth Standard 200x - Draft 10.2
Regular Expressions in Forth
Archives of SwiftForth and SwiftX email lists
Send Later add-on for Thunderbird browser
AVIRA - antivirus
Lattice + ARM9 Board for $85
Maxim USB Peripheral/Host Controller with SPI Interface
There's More to an RTOS than Threads - Jon Titus
Forth Jobs
Analog and Digital hardware design
Senior Software Engineer
Course lectures
HomeCARES - Collection and Redistribution of Equipment and Supplies

Meeting Announcement

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