Notes from December 2003 Meeting

Morning Session

Tim Duncan - MIDI Music

Presentation notes - PDF
a presentation of digital audio will be given in the future
send and receive MIDI bytes
timing mechanism for playing notes
MIDI-OX - application for displaying MIDI bytes discussion group
Swift Forth Examples: "I am sending these examples "as is" for the moment. They need comments, cleaning up, etc., but they do work. I'll send updates asap -- we are in the middle of a crunch at school right now, so I will try to work it into my schedule as best I can."

David Frech - MuForth

written in C
simple native code
colorforth without color
less "funny" words
some standard Forth words redefined
more to come in January

Afternoon Session

CH Ting - Jef Raskin's Keyboard Challenge

16 bytes sent when keyboard is polled
8 rows by 7 columns keypad interfaced with 8255 I/O chip

Kevin Appert - Websites of Interest

Tom's Hardware Guide
Dilbert website
Day by Day Cartoon
Ed Foster's Gripe Log


Packet Storm
The Institute for Applied Autonomy
Healing Irag Blog
The Messopotamian Blog
Iraq the Model Blog