Notes from the November 2004 (Forth Day) Meeting

Morning Session

Disguising Forth / Serving Forth - Bob Nash
Disguising Forth - PDF
Serving Forth - PDF
Manual - PDF (4.5 Mb)
Tethered 8051 Inspired by Colorforth - Charles Shattuck
8-bit target compiler including boot loader, optimized ?dup and ?lit, and tethered words
misc8051 - compiler files (runs in Linux and Windows)
Recent Forth Projects - Tim Duncan
Midi audio playback of Pi

Afternoon Session

Forth in Real World Products - Paul Clifford and Jeremy Wade of Mosaic Industries, Inc.
Forth with extensive arithmetric and matrix words, can be used for pattern recognition
Wearable Data Acquisition System - Dave Jaffe
PowerPoint presentation - PDF
Freescale kit
AMR 310 Gadget
R2 Controls
Z-World RabbitCore
Fireside Chat - Chuck Moore
Chuck lives on the small community of Sierra City, CA
Designed Forth chip using OCAD 2 - .18 um features
Working with Async Array Devices
Courtesy of Jeff Fox at UltraTechnology:
Streaming Video - 62min 44MB (320X200 WMV 115kbps format)
Streaming Video - 62min 110MB (320X200 WMV 256kbps format)