September 2008 Meeting Notes

Compiled by Dave Jaffe

Contributions from Kevin Appert and others


Coffee and a Chat


Greetings from your Cogswell Host - Tim Duncan
Tim will definitely be there and we're hoping he'll say a few words.


Forth Day 2008
Suggest a speaker or volunteer to speak!


Book Talk Degenerating into Random Discussion - Kevin Appert
"I plan to bring a few Forth books and chat about them. You're welcome to bring your favorite weighty tomes as well. Then we'll digress into some discussion impossible to predict."

    Forth book currently not available from Amazon
  • Advanced Spectrum Forth - Don Thomasson
    "Depite being written for a sadly obsolete platform, Advanced Spectrum Forth remains one of the best Forth programming books. The source code for the dictionary provides a valuable resource."
Forth books by CH Ting


Some folks bring their lunch, some will eat on-campus or nearby.


Introductions, Announcements, Rumors, Random Access


Field Trip Logistics - Kevin Appert
We'll talk about plans to visit the Iron Man Museum in Sunnyvale some Saturday coming "soon".


New at IntellaSys - John Rible
"IntellaSys announced the s40c18 today, complete with Elizabeth Rather-written manuals, so we may have a few things to talk about."

IntellaSys website


Lots of Dots - Kevin Appert
Kevin will discuss the creation of 7x9 (or so) dot matrix ROM font tables for LCDs with SwiftForth or Excel spreadsheets. If you're labeling plots or graphics on raster displays, this may come in handy.


Random Access - All in attendance
Will it be random or just pseudo-random? We always find something to talk about.


Herman Remembered - All assembled
We'll spend a few minutes talking about our memories of Herman Griffin.




Other items:


Webserver in Forth
Greg Bailey, of Athena Programming, developed an extensive Internet package in a variant of polyFORTH, perhaps this is what you were thinking of. It includes ftp and mail servers, but no http (at least, last time I checked). It is incredibly fast and incredibly secure. He sells it on a subscription basis, providing extensive support for a monthly fee. You can contact him at
Athena Programming Incorporated
19330 NW Sauvie Island Rd.
Portland, OR  97231
German Forth Publication - Vierte Dimension
Forth article - Modern Forth by Stephen Pelc - 09/11/2008


Free Courses - Stanford Enginnering Everywhere

Meeting Announcement

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