Notes from February 2004 Meeting

Morning Session

New location for Foothill College Electronics Fleamarket - north Sunnyvale near Moffet Field - same dates: 2nd Saturdays March through October

From Forthwrite Magazine

German Forth Conference (in German)
EuroForth 2004 11/19-22/2004
Win32Forth version 6.7001 - Dave Pochin
Dutch Forth Users Group

Bob Smith

Presentation handouts and source code
Just Tuning - Word file
Matrix - Forth code
TEMPS - Forth code
Temperaments - PDF file
Sensations of Tone - book by Helmholtz (1877)

CH Ting

Ellipse drawing coded in eForth - source code

Afternoon Session

Contributions by Kevin Appert

Article in 02/2004 issue of Circuit Cellar:
Wireless Vehicle Tracking: Part 1: System Basics by Ken Merk, uses FPC 3.60
Smart Voter - Nonpartisan Election Information
Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County
Black Box Voting - Ballot-tampering in the 21st Century
The Risks Digest - Forum on Risks to the Public in Computers and Related Systems
Embedded Systems Conference - coming soon! March 29-April 1
RepairClinic - repair parts and advice for major household appliances
Patriot Scientific- we want to be your Intellectual Property Partner
Article in 01/05/2004 issue of EE Times: Patriot Scientific responds to court action
Company business information
Company website



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  • $40 rebate on the Platinum version until 03/04 - read rebate offer before you buy at the Outpost link above. The Platinum Version also comes with the DVD repair program "free".
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