Forth Day 2004

Attendees at Forth Day 2004

Standing: John Hall, Bob Nash, Henrik Thurfjell, Dave Jaffe, Chuck Moore, Doug Hammed, John Carpenter, Herman Griffin, Henry Vinerts, Alan Furman, Bob Smith, Dudley Ackerman, Glen Haydon, Byron Nilsen

Kneeling: Kevin Appert, Jay McKnight, Ken Morley, John Rible, Andy Korsak,
CH Ting, Paul Clifford, Robert Patton, Charley Shattuck

Bottom row: John Peters, Barry Cole, Icarus Sparry, George Perry,
Jeremy Wade, Jon Mayo, Michael Montvelishsky, Jeff Fox

Present, but not pictured: Bill Ragsdale, John Cassady, Randy Thelan, "Oxtail Stew Guy", and David Frech

Digital photograph by Kevin Appert.

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Bob Nash starts off the day. The assembled multitudes. Bob makes his point. Bob Nash, Henrik Thurfjell, and Alan Furman at the coffee, bagels, and donuts table. Bill Ragsdale, Bob Smith, and John Cassady engage in discussion. Jeff Fox presents.
It's Charley Shattuck's turn. Tim Duncan plays Pi. Bob Nash, Alan Furman, and John Peters enjoy a lunch discussion. Here we have John Hall, Bob Smith, and Herman Griffin. Charley Shattuck, John Rible, and Jeremy Wade. Jon Mayo and John Carpenter.
Henrik Thurfjell is amused. Our BBQ host CH Ting and Ken Morley. Andy Korsak, Bill Ragsdale, and John Cassady. Henry Vinerts and Doug Hammed. Michael Montvelishsky and Jeff Fox. Charley Shattuck, John Rible, and Jeremy Wade again.
Barry Cole, John Peters, and Henrik Thurfjell. George Perry Chuck Moore Proof that SVFIG recycles. John Peters demonstrates his electrical contracting software written in Forth. Jeremy Wade and Paul Clifford from Mosaic Industries.
Ting shows off his GameBoy project. Enlightened by Chuck Moore. Chuck and Charley. Milling around at the end of Forth Day. Herman Griffin

Digital photographs by Dave Jaffe

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