Forth Day 2003

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Dr Ting starts off the day. Dr Ting's presentation An excellent turn-out Everyone is listening Tim Duncan talks about MIDI Explaining the Forth code
Tim plays a Forth tune LaFarr Stuart Kevin Appert and ? Dwight Elvey and Henry Vinerts Herman Griffin and Doug Hammed Enjoying a BBQ lunch
Somebody mentions some C++ code to Kevin Appert - Henrik is amused Joseph O'Connor and Glen Haydon John Carpenter in dappled sunlight Doug Dillon and John Peters Dr. Ting, Jay Melvin, and John Rible Dudley Ackerman, Andy Korshak, and LaFarr Stuart after lunch discussion
Kevin Appert and Ed Thelen get on the Internet Al Mitchell Randy Thelen discusses Mippy Joseph O'Connor contemplates his presentation Jeff Fox Here is "Mippy"
Computer and creater Joe O'Connor again At Golden Wok for dinner Around the table Discussion Good food and good times

Digital photographs by Dave Jaffe

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