An Invitation to Dinner Meetings in San Francisco

San Francisco is the home of informal Dinner Meetings for originally started as a function of the SF Apple Core. It has morphed in to a group of companions, some who have a long background in Forth programming and use.

The group meets on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month. The meetings are scheduled by email. The group usually meet at some one's house "after 6 PM" or some times "after 5 P.M." when there is something to look at, demonstrate, or program.

After some talk time, the group goes to dinner somewhere locally, sometimes by car or cars. They usually return after dinner to sit and talk, or sometimes talk so long in the restaurant that some members just go straight home after dinner. Turnout is typically 4 to 7 people.

The group is quite flexible in the schedules and the locations. What is good for you?

To join the mailing list, send your information to John A. Peters at

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