Len's Forth Tutorial

Some time ago Leonard Morgenstern created a small set of webpages entitled Len's Forth Tutorial (circa 1996). These were an web version of tutorials he presented before each meeting of the North Bay Forth Interest Group when it was active. A link to these webpages was published on the SVFIG website. In the intervening years, Len moved his email service and his new service could not host these webpages. The url to Len's Forth Tutorial was identified as being as NOT FOUND.

With the help of the Internet WayBack Machine archive, I located copies of the files and cleaned them up. Len reviewed them and commented that they needed some revision and further development. In his recent email, he was willing to solicit the help of others.

If you are interested in reviewing, revising, or adding to these tutorial files, please send me your revised files to me for posting on the FIG website.

The index file is Tutorils.htm

Dave Jaffe
SVFIG Webmaster

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