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Forth Day 2004
Saturday, November 20th

Third Saturday
Cogswell College
1175 Bordeaux Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA

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Starbucks Coffee, Tea, Bagels, and Pastries


Welcome - George Perry


Disguising Forth / Serving Forth - Bob Nash
When applications are targeted for conversion or need to be ported to a different environment, adapting your application to universal GUI tools may be the answer. The process can also provide some insight on how the Forth philosophy applies to application conversion.


Whole Brain Forth - Jeff Fox
Up, Down, Left, Right, whole brain multiprocessing in Forth. In Forth how are the subsystems interacting? Where is control and understanding located? How does communication take place and what role does language play? What can be learned about natural parallel intelligence in Forth?


Tethered 8051 Inspired by Colorforth - Charles Shattuck
Last minute addition.


Recent Forth Projects - Tim Duncan
Tim mixes Computers and Music with the moderator rods of Forth. A heady and intoxicating mixed metaphor indeed!


BBQ Lunch - Courtesy of CH Ting


Introductions, Announcements, Rumors, Gossip


Treasurer's Report - John Rible
John will report on the finances of FIG and SVFIG.


Forth in Real World Products - Paul Clifford and Jeremy Wade of Mosaic Industries, Inc.
Mosaic Industries is an East Bay company that sells embedded systems and QED-Forth software. The company has been using Forth since its inception in 1985. They produce off-the-shelf and custom embedded computer solutions for numerous applications such as industrial control, process automation, product development and/or product upgrades, data acquisition, and scientific instruments. Paul will present their use of Forth both as the on-board real time operating system and for developing functional libraries, for example, Graphical User Interface (GUI) tool kits for embedded display / touchscreen products.


Wearable Data Acquisition System - Dave Jaffe
Dave will share his ideas on a Forth-based portable personal data acquisition system including new sensors.


Progress of the Digital Oscilloscope Project - CH Ting
Ting is leading a team to develop an ultra-compact, very-high-frequency, super-low-cost digital oscilloscope. He hopes to demonstrate some hardware: a small printed circuit board that will sample the signal and a GameBoy Advance that will display the scope traces.


Networking - All attending
Discussion of speakers, topics, and projects for future meetings.


Fireside Chat - Chuck Moore
The inventor of Forth will enlighten us.




Drinks and Dinner - Golden Wok in Mountain View
Driving directions and maps.

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Meeting Notes

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