Meeting Agenda for
Saturday, July 26, 2003

Cogswell College
1175 Bordeaux Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA

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Coffee, Tea, Bagels, and Pastries


Forth-based Browser - CH Ting

"I will talk about FML, a Forth-based browser or XML clone to format web pages. It was developed by Mr. C.S. Yap at eForth Technology to control displays in an embedded system. I got the full suite of code and examples. I hope that I will make some sense of it and give a coherent presentation at the SVFIG meeting."

"The tags inserted into text messages contain Forth words and definitions. These tags are interpreted by an ANSI Forth browser, which produces formatted text and many GUI objects in a resizable window. Very interesting and very powerful."


Lunch - on your own
Togos or other eateries


Introductions, Announcements, Rumors, and Gossip


Panel Discussion - George Perry and John Carpenter
Discussion about multitasking and "Power Multiprogramming" in Forth - what they are, how they are implemented, how to use them, example code, and success stories.


SVFIG Website Tour - Dave Jaffe
The SVFIG website has served the group for several years now. Dave will give an online tour of the site and solicit contributions for additions including: reviewing links, updating contacts list, and adding features and content.


What's Up with FIG? - George Perry
George will give us an update on the current status of FIG.



After meeting

Possible FIG or SVFIG Business Meeting at a location to be determined.

Anyone who would like to present at an SVFIG meeting should contact John Carpenter,

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Meeting Notes

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