Notes from July 2003 Meeting


    Forth-based Browser by CH Ting
  • Cross platform - works with Pocket PC (Windows CE)
  • Used DS Forth from Russia - ANSI Standard
  • 5 lessons in English


    Discussion items:
  • Toy Symphony
  • Dow Corning 4 for connectors (available from McMaster-Carr)
  • - makes CD backups of websites
  • Vintage Computer Festival - 10/11-12 at Computer History Museum

From John Peters

Dr Ting made a very interesting presentatin in the morning on FML of the Forth Markup Language that included a show of a Russian Forth based browser and markup language.

I did another experiment today at the July SVFIG meeting. At lunch time a couple of us ran a long phone line from the facilities manager's fax line down the hall to the meeting room. This fax line was one of the few analog lines in the school. Most of the lines are digital. This line provided us with dependable audio for the remote presenter to speak to us. At our end, I plugged in a speaker phone, and it worked to the satisfaction of all those present. The remote presenter talked to us and we could ask questions since the standard telephone speaker phone is duplex meaning that both ends can talk at the same time.

The Yahoo! chat mode we tried last time, does not require a phone line but it is simplex and it cuts out due to band with limitations even tough the school has a T1 line and the presenter has DSL.

A problem surprised us. Two months ago VNC worded fine, but it would not work now. It turned out that the network jack in the meeting room was dead. Not only that but other jacks that were working next door were not set up to let VNC come in through the Router's fire wall.

Now I know what to ask for next month. A live RD-45 jack to the internet and a tunnel or socket through the firewall for VNC.

The afternoon was spent discussing FIG management issues, ideas, and improvements.

Dave Jaffe has been the webmaster for SVFIG and will be taking on the webmastering for the FIG website as well. Send your ideas, suggestions, and content.