Meeting Agenda for
Saturday, May 19, 2001

Third Saturday
Cogswell College
1175 Bordeaux Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA

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Coffee and Donuts


Technical Session: Coding Schemes of Chinese Characters - C.H. Ting
Chinese spelling, Romanized spelling, and Chang-Ji alphabets are a few coding schemes for Chinese characters. Ting will discuss the Chang-Ji scheme, as it is the most logical way to encode Chinese characters. He is porting this encoding technique to the eM32 processor.


Networking, demonstrations, and tutorials
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Introductions, Announcements, Rumors, and Gossip


Featured Talk: The Silicon Composers 32-bit Processor - George Nicol
George will discuss a Silicon Composers' design for a 32-bit Forth processor that is ready for to be fabricated into a chip. He is looking to have the processor manufactured in a profitable manner that would at least recover development costs.


Break for afternoon tea
Networking and demonstrations.


Technical Talk: A Question of Balance - Dwight Elvey
Dwight addressed a mathematical problem posed in the April 2001 issue of Scientific American: how to remove the weights on a balanced beam in sequence without tipping. He coded an extensive search program in Forth that found all the solution combinations.



Next Business Meeting: Monday, June 4, 2001, 7pm
Those with ideas for the next agenda and would like to get more involved in the general meeting process are invited to attend the Business Meeting at Jack's Pizza, 212 2nd Ave., 1/2 block west of "B" St. in San Mateo (650/343-9229).

Future Meeting Topics:

June - Testing Forth - Use of Forth in Testing and Development
For the June meeting, a special program is planned on the usage of Forth for testing of hardware/software and its use for developing new products; even if it is not used in the final production product. This appears to be the predominant use of Forth today and we would like to bring together all of those who use Forth in this way. This will also be an opportunity for students who have taken courses such Smart Products Design Laboratory as Stanford to present their expreriences as well as those from Cogswell who have learned and are using Forth. Anyone who uses Forth in development, testing, debugging, and maintaining of hardware are invited to present their experiences and tools.

July - Robotting with Forth - Use of Forth in Motion Control Systems

August - Forth under Unix/Linux - Forthing around under these OS's

September - Speaking Forth - Getting Forth to Interpret Non-text Input

Anyone who would like to present at an SVFIG meeting should contact John D. Carpenter,

Meeting Notes

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