Notes from the May 2001 Meeting

NNCron is a very powerful scheduler, monitor and reminder. NNCron unites in itself an intuitive graphic interface and possibility of controlling of NNCron by editing configuration files, which contain plain text. NNCron can run your applications (exe, bat, cmd and any registered and unregistered Windows's applications), run Forth scripts, play sound, copy/rename/delete/write files, clean directories from old files etc. at specified time, depending on different conditions (presence/absence files, folders, windows, processes, hosts and on-line) and on an event (directory/file/clipboard/connection state is changed). And, if you want, NNCron can prompt for confirmation before starting an application. NNCron can close/hide/show specified windows, click on buttons and show a Message Box with your message. Also NNCron can Dial and Hang-up. NNCron works as service or as an ordinary application. This program understands the classic Unix cron table format, but its enhanced format gives more possibilities.

The Carpool Canard - When you ride alone, you ride with Hitler

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RTen - 32 bit 50 Mhz Data Acquisition CPU with Z80 emulation