Meeting Agenda for
Saturday, March 23, 2002

Cogswell College
1175 Bordeaux Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA

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Tim Duncan says there is no network node available in our usual meeting place (Room 197) but he has asked Marvin to reserve the Dragons Den, which does have a node, for us the entire day, as it appears to be available!


Coffee, Tea, and Pastries


Technical Session: Win32Forth Update - Bob Smith and John Peters
Bob will discuss his improvements to WinView.


Lunch -
Networking, demonstrations, and tutorials
Sign up for inpromptu talks by name and topic on the white board


Introductions, Announcements, Rumors, and Gossip


Featured Talk: Electric Bikes - Mike Saari
Mike will desmonstrate his electric bicycle design. Attendees will be given the opportunity to ride a bike before the meeting starts and during the break. The bikes involve embedded computer control, so this should be interesting.


Break for afternoon tea
Networking and demonstrations.


Featured Talk: GUI Desktop - Jeff Fox
Jeff will give a 15 minute presentation on his most recent GUI desktop.


Featured Talk: Win32Forth Routines - John Peters
John will introduce us to routines that have been developed for Win32Forth. They can be found at:



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Meeting Notes

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