Notes from March 2002 Meeting

How to deconstruct anything

WebForth written in Java by Chris Jakeman

USB, Embedded Linux, Legacy Ports, Device Drivers, Misc.


Return FIG to local control per John Hall

Forth for Cogswell College
project course
Scott Squires
Compact Flash

WinView / WinEd changes and bug-fixes

Tom Zimmer has requested that for future releases of Win32Forth that the name of the editor be changed from WinView to WinEd. That change has been made to the latest release.

Changed PREFIX to /POSTFIX and POSTFIX to /PREFIX as per Michael L. Gassanenko.

Added Bruno Gauthier's suggestions for colorization. Added my changes which color ONLY if the file has a .f extension AND the color option is checked.

Elko Tchernev suggested corrections to some ENVIRONMENT? words. The default font for WinView has been changed from Courier to Fixedsys.

Fixed an obscure bug which made "underscore" characters disappear while printing on some lines.

The file selection has been changed so that the extension types do not revert to *.f in the "View Text File" dialog box.

Added *.HTML extension to possible file types.

Corrected the spelling of "deferred" including the word .DEFERRED

New icons have been created for the mew version of Win32Forth and WinEd. The icons represent the sponsorship of the Silicon Valley Forth Interest group, abbreviated as SVFIG. Thus the new logo displays a fig leaf. For WinEd, the stem is replaced with an editing pencil.

You may now print a series of lines that are highlighted. After the lines are selected, select the Print File. In the dialog box, click on "Selection".

Added correction to BLOCK.F submitted by Roderick Mcban, via Tom Zimmer.

Changed definition of { in FKERNEL.F, submitted by Tom Zimmer, presumably in response to a user complaint.

WinEd now allows "Rectangular" highlighting. To highlight a rectangular area, first depress and hold the Control key, then select a rectangular area with the mouse. If the desired selection exceeds the vertical extent of the window, the text will automatically scroll at a rate that depends on the distance of the mouse pointer from the screen boundary.

After the highlighted area is selected, you may use the Control-X, Control-C, Control-V, or the Ins or Del keys to perform various editing tasks with the highlighted area.

WinEd also allows one or more spaces before and/or after search strings. The spaces indicate possible "white space" in the search. If the white space is to include the region to the left of the start of a line, it is necessary to use the character ALT-0160 and a normal space at the start of the search string.

Modifed Win32Forth per a suggestion from Richard Adams, with code provided by Eernd Paysan, to allow Filenames in Win32Forth to contain spaces. If a filename starts with either a ` (tick), or a " (quote) and ends with same, then it will be parsed using tick or quote, as a single word in those words that accept filenames.

Current work: Print all information on long lines in a file.

Bob Smith