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The Silicon Valley Forth Interest Group (SVFIG) is a local, non-profit organization of individuals interested in the Forth computer language. SVFIG maintains a mail list and holds monthly meetings by Zoom, including an annual Forth Day in November.

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Saturday, June 22nd via Zoom
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Countdown until Forth Day 2024
Saturday, November 16th

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Recent Forth Days

2023 Photographs: Group & Meeting - Videos

2022 Photographs: Group & Meeting - Videos

2019 Photographs: Group & Meeting - Videos

2018 Photographs: Group & Dave's & Kevin's - Videos: Morning & Afternoon

2017 Photographs: Group & Meeting - Videos: Morning & Afternoon

SVFIG T-shirts

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Brad Nelson is selling high quality black t-shirts sporting the SVFIG logo for $15 each, $3 additional for shipping.

Newly Posted Items

1981 Forth Interest Group National Convention - Flyer - 2022

1987 Forth National Convention - Flyer - Program Schedule - 2022

Offete Store - 2019

Definitions: The Extensible Language Publication - 1993

Kim Harris' Forth Course - June, 1980

The Proceedings of the First Australian Forth Symposium

Programming a Problem-Oriented Language
by Chuck Moore

This is an unpublished book that Chuck wrote around June 1970, just after he'd programmed the first versions of Forth. This pdf version has been cleaned up and reformatted by Juergen Pintaske.

Starting Forth & Forth Dimensions

Starting Forth online

Scanned issues of Forth Dimensions

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Employment opportunities will be posted on the mail list and archived here.

Forth software for download from this website.

Electronic and computer hardware for sale, trade, or loan.

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In Memory of Our Friends and Colleagues

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The Forth WebRing
WebRing was entire communities built around a single topic. "The Forth programming WebRing is for people who are interested in the Forth Programming language, originally invented by Mr. Charles Moore. Forth is a very powerful programming language that gives programmers down-to-the-metal control over the computer as well as the ability to abstract without limits." WebRing no longer exists. Archived webpage snapshots are presented here.
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