Chuck H. Moore

He was born in 1938; grew up in Michigan; received a BS in Physics from MIT; married Winifred Bellis; has son Eric. He presently lives in Incline Village, on beautiful Lake Tahoe; drives a WRX; hikes the Tahoe Rim Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail; reads a lot. He delights in finding simple solutions, changing the problem if necessary.

During the 60s, he worked as a freelance programmer till inventing Forth in 1968. (Forth is a simple, efficient and versatile computer language of which he's very proud.) He used it to program telescopes at NRAO. And in 1971, co-founded Forth, Inc to program other real-time applications.

In 1983, fed up with clumsy hardware, he co-founded Novix, Inc and designed their NC4000 microprocessor chip. This morphed into the Harris RTX2000 which was space-qualified and is orbiting Saturn on Cassini.

As Computer Cowboys, he used custom software to design ShBoom, Mup20, F21 and i21; all Forth-architecture microprocessors. He's equally proud of these small, fast, low-power chips.

In this century he co-founded IntellaSys and invented colorForth to program design tools for a multi-core chip. As of 2008, a 40-core version is being produced and marketed by Intellasys. He is presently porting his design tools to this amazing chip.

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