Forth Code Demonstrations

To All,

I am asking for volunteers to show / demonstrate / explain Forth programs or words they have written. It would not have to be "special" or elaborate - just enough to show how you coded something to solve a particular problem. I believe that these code tidbits are valuable learning examples to Forth programmers, whether they are beginners or old pros.

I will set aside 10 to 15 minute time slots, depending on the complexity of the demonstrated code for the afternoon session of the upcoming March 23, 2002 meeting.

Those who wish to present should provide their name and title of their mini-presentation so that I can schedule them.

Cheers and thanks,

== John D. Carpenter ===========
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== 650/960-1256(v/m) ===========

If you would like to have meeting announcements e-mailed to you or if you would like to present a topic, contact: John Carpenter

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