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The Win32Forth Topica List has been discontinued as of 02/18/2002.

John A. Peters invites you to join the Win32Forth list, hosted at

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List Description: Win32Forth is an open source Forth Public Domain Language system that runs on Windows 95 or better. The list purpose is to help others to learn, improve, modify, and customize Win32Forth. Subscripbers will receive distillations of items found on Computer Language Forth (CLF) at comp.lang.forth. Please note the list will be exchanging items of interest with CLF in both directions. In other words posts may be edited, illuminated, improved, or -snip-ed for brevity and otherwise changed to present the best image. We want to further the interests of Win32Forth users as a group and as well as the whole Forth community.

All levels of interest are welcome. This is a call for papers, comments, questions, wish lists, and detailed bug reports if any. Please send your applications, extensions, changes, fixes, and example text files or a URL pointer to their location.

So far (as of 02/18/2002) there are 32 subscribers and notables on the list including some black-belt Forth programmers.

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