Win32Forth anti-features

WinView Drops characters?
Let's say you are typing commands in the console and browsing around with the mouse hyper-viewing source code. You find what you were looking for and now you are going to put the information to use. You move your hand from the mouse to the keyboard and start entering text. Surprise! When you look up you are not in the console, and all your keystrokes are dropped.

Can we program WinView to activate the console upon a keystroke? Mind you now, we are in the BROWSE mode. We got there by typing a command in the console window. We are hyperlinking around so no keystrokes can be accepted in the editor window. Of course there is a work around. Remember to move the mouse to the console and click in the console window before you try to type.

On CLF Tom Zimmer says:
When you are using WinView, you are using a completely separate program from Win32Forth. What you are asking for, is equivalent to asking Microsoft to automatically switch from MS Word to WordPerfect when MS Word is selected, and you start typing.

I (JP) am wondering, so I researched the Internet. I found this which maybe one solution.

Since we are running Win32Forth as a concurrent program with Win32Forth is to communicate using shared memory. You can poll the shared memory for when to perform an activity, or you can send messages between programs, like I do in in32Forth, which will get you better performance. The implementation of all this is in MAPFILE.F, so you can study that to figure it out says Tom. (Thank you, the hints are appreciated, Tom)

But Forth is fun because we have all the source code and can make usually changes if we know where to look. WinView is a turnkey program and that makes it hard to view any commands especially mouse clicks and drop down windows. HELP!

FLOAD does not warn that it is loading from the disk, not what you see on the WinView edit screen.

Revert to last saved looses the cursor position. It is an item on the pull down menu.

Revised January 27, 2002 John A Peters

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