.                      -- DALLAS LEGAN --
.                P.O. Box 2015, Downey, CA  90242
.                      Home 562/862-4854 ext. *
.                    Internet: legan@acm.org
.            http://www.forth.org/resumes/dlegan.html
.                         -- SUMMARY --
Experienced Programmer with over ten years experience writing and using
software in analytical support of a multi-billion dollar high technology
Programming/Software Skills:
Work:     FORTRAN/10yrs.+, ReXX/5yrs., JCL & CLIST/10yrs.+, UNIX/2mo.,
.         VOS/1wk, NT/1wk, Forth (UNTIL)/1wk
Training: C, C++, UNIX, MS ACCESS & SQL, TCP/IP Client/Server (BSD Sockets),
.         UNIX system programming (POSIX/API), X86 Assembly, Forth, Ada.
Platforms: IBM Mainframes (370), CDC, Cray, PC
Daily Personal Use: DOS & OS/2/Batch, PERL, Kermit Scripts
Engineering Skills:
Work:     Mechanics, Gasdynamics, Facilities Engineering
Training: Mechanics, Thermal Science
Teaching: Introductory Mechanics, Introductory Electronics, Experimental
.         Methods for Mechanical Engineering, Introductory Machine
.         Design, Physical Chemistry Lab
.                   -- EMPLOYMENT HISTORY --
Appware Corp., West Hills, CA                         03-04/1998
. (Via Axiom Solutions Technology Inc.)
* Worked on Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) business solution
. systems
Rockwell Int., Space Systems Division, Downey, CA      1980-1993
.(Now part of Boeing)
Programmer/Engineer - Aerosciences Gasdynamics Unit
At Rockwell developed, documented and used:
* Major revisions of software used in planning and evaluation of
. Space Shuttle missions.
* Software filters
* Programming language preprocessor
* User directory manipulation tools
* Automated program user interfaces with scripts
* Scripts coordinating complex sequences of application software
* Evaluated and critiqued software for Space Shuttle flight planning.
* Ported software to platforms ranging from PC compatibles to Cray
. supercomputers
* Pioneered corporate division use of macro processing, text formating,
. scripting language and data storage protocol tools and techniques
* Application software using complicated mathematics and advanced physical
. laws of mechanical, chemical, thermal and aerodynamic science to solve
. real world problems. (I used to go into more detail on these projects,
. but it seemed to go past everyone.)
Westinghouse, Naval Reactor Facilities, Idaho          1978-1980
Assistant Prototype Engineer
El Campo Aluminum, El Campo, TX                        1977-1978
(Subsidiary of Reynolds Metals Co.)
Assistant Plant Engineer
University of Houston, Victoria Campus, Victoria, TX   1976-1978
Teaching Assistant
E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co., Victoria, TX             1974-1974
Summer Engineer
Gary Aircraft, Victoria, TX                            1973-1973
Plant maintenance Electrician
.                     -- References --
.                   Available on request
.          (If you will actually contact them.)
.                   -- Coding Examples --
.                      Available on request
(Academic examples include IRC & FTP client/server emulators using TCP/IP
. Sockets, and a simple UNIX shell)
.                     -- EDUCATION --
* California State University, Long Beach, Certificates C and UNIX
. programming, Courses in computer networking with TCP/IP
. (BSD sockets), Unix system call programming (POSIX),
. database programming with ACCESS and SQL, C++ (and Ada).
. Certificates HVAC Direct Digital Controls, HVAC System Design
* California State University, Dominguez Hills,
. Course Computer Architecture and Assembly Language
* Rockwell Courses: C, ReXX, Automata Theory, DOS, Excel
* UNIX courses through Rockwell from Hewlett Packard and Cray
* FORTH Inc. Courses: Certificate, polyFORTH Application Techniques
* UCLA, USC, Northrup University,
. Miscellaneous courses Elasticity, structural mechanics,
. theoretical mechanics, orbital mechanics, aeroelasticity
* Westinghouse Electric Corp., Nuclear Plant Engineering School
* University of Houston, Victoria Campus MS Mechanical Engineering
. Emphasis: Thermal Sciences and Mechanics
* University of Houston, Victoria Campus BS Mechanical Engineering
.                        -- PERSONAL --
* Member ACM, C Users Group, ReXX Language Association,
. Forth Interest Group (FIG), Orange County Linux User's Group (OCLUG),
. Southern California OS/2 User's Group (SCOUG),
. Instrument Society of America, Mensa
* Gave presentations on development of R65C02 assembler, Kernal interface
. commands and a simple terminal program to Orange County chapter of FIG.
* Assembled from modular components my own Intel/IBM compatible computer
* Have also on occasion used CP/M, two or three versions of CDC NOS,
. UNIVAC and TOPS 20 operating systems.
* Engineer in Training, Idaho
* Volunteer Mentor for Los Angeles FreeNet
* Volunteer work for World Space Foundation cited in
. "Project Solar Sail" edited by Nobel Peace Prize nominee Arthur C. Clarke
* Organized National Space Society phone tree for Southwestern
. United States for over 5 years
* Lifetime member of League of American Bicyclists
.                      -- PUBLICATIONS --
.                Full texts available on request.
* Forth Dimensions, Volume XVIII, Number 2, July 1996 August,
. p.4, "dot-quote" (column)
* Forth Dimensions, Volume XVIII, Number 2, July 1996 August,
. p.5, "Java Learns from Forth, Forth May Benefit, Too" ("Letters" column)
* OS/2 For You (So. CA OS/2 User's Group), April, 1998,
. (with J. Rash & P. Wirtz) "Watch OS/2 on TV"
. http://www.scoug.com/os24u/1998/scoug804.2.Converters.html
* http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ISBN=0123390958/9432-3000375-030480,
. author solicited review of "Efficient C/C++ Programming", by Steve Heller