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The real purpose of this page is to provide a 'live' (and more organized) backup to my LYNX bookmark file on my L.A. FreeNet account. But then, what would better provide a 'picture' of myself? This page is being set up using the sketch of HTML provided by "Dr. Bob's Painless Guide To The Internet (& Amazing Things You Can Do With E-mail)" on pages 72-74, "HTML Quick Reference" and a download of the bookmark file. (If you need any pretty pictures, contact me and I'll check into getting you some 35 mm slide dupes!) If things look a little ragged, I'm 'viewing' this thing with an HTML to text conversion utility and Bobcat, a Lynx version for DOS.

By the way, my standard disflamer:

I speak only for myself, and assume full responsibility for my statements.


Philosophy of This Web Page

Computer Stuff

The most important people influencing my progamming have been Herb Sergeant (Victoria College), Dr. Rhine (Texas A&M, Texas Engineer of the Year, digital electronics specialist. I made a 'D' in his class, but it still helped a lot.), Dan Dominic (Rockwell Int.), Tom Arnold (contracter at Rockwell Int.) and Wil Baden (FIG). The most important books I read on programming were Ruth Ashley and Judi Fernandez's book on IBM JCL, and Leo Brodie's "Starting Forth". Another big influence was Kisner's (sp?!) class at Rockwell on automata theory.

  1. MSDOS and PC Information
  2. Useful MS-DOS Programs at SimTel and Garbo - HARRIS Mountaintop
  3. The Software Museum
  4. Prentice Hall
  5. Linux Journal
  6. Huntington Beach Linux User Group
  7. Linux Gazette
  8. Caldera Inc.
  9. Forth Interest Group Home Page
  10. The Web Home of FORTH, Inc.
  11. FirmWorks Homepage
  12. Index of /forth/gforth
  13. Welcome directory
  14. ACM, The First Society in Computing
  15. Southern California OS/2 User Group
  16. Orange County Linux User Group
  17. C/C++ Users Group (CUG)
  18. RexxLA
  19. RexxLA WWW Service
  20. Usenix Association
  21. ORA
  22. Sys Admin Web Site
  23. UNIX Users Association of Southern California
  24. Sys Admin Web Site

Web and Internet Resources

For a different view on this stuff, send some e-mail:


Body:send usenet/news.answers/internet-services/access-via-email and study the document you get sent.

  1. Welcome to HoTMaiL
  2. RocketMail
  3. Personalized Email Address
  4. GeoCities
  5. Welcome to the MailMasher
  6. Welcome to NetAddress!
  7. The Free E-mail Information Page
  8. FTP Mail Servers List
  9. The Cypherpunks Remailers
  10. Anonymous Email
  11. Bibliography of Criptography and Anonymous Remailer Articles
  12. Ric Anonymous Email And search page
  13. Replay and Company UnLimited
  14. Remailer list
  15. Internet Tools Summary
  16. World-Wide Web Servers http:/
  17. Free Internet Services
  18. Special Internet Connections
  19. Milo's Home Page
  20. Simple WWW - NSLookUp Gateway
  21. KFWB Webservice: Welcome!
  22. Reference.COM Search
  23. Usenet News
  24. Commander Data's WWW Tools Page
  25. The U.S. Naval Observatory (USNO)
  26. Mail Gateways on BITNET - Gateway Postmaster Addresses.
  27. Mail2News
  28. Cowboy.Net's Guide to the Internet
  29. Liszt, the mailing list directory
  30. NetMind Services, Inc.
  31. Digital Bindery
  32. Zippo Dot Com
  33. Internet Services Guide.
  34. BNC General Internet Information & Tools
  35. CAL's WEB Links - Usenet & Email
  36. Search Engines + Syntax Examples=FINDSPOT
  37. boston-online: usenet remailer
  38. Untitled
  39. Karl's Cafe / AKCS Public Access Site
  40. Vigilant Information Filter
  41. DALnet IRC Network - Internet Relay Chat
  42. FidoNet
  43. Mail to news gateways
  44. Intellinews: Welcome
  45. Inter-Links
  46. Search Inter-Links
  47. Remind U-Mail
  48. Supernews' WReN!
  49. MIT SIPB Home Page
  50. Platforms Lynx will run on
  51. Lynx links
  52. The FDISK.COM DOS Internet Pages
  53. Welcome to JPUnix.Com!
  54. WebMail Service


  1. Kermit Communications Software
  2. Omen Technology INC
  3. Unofficial OpenDOS Page
  4. Matthias Paul's homepage
  5. Welcome to DOS World!
  6. DOS freeware, public domain, and free dos software
  7. Timur Tabi's Guide for New and Potential OS/2 Users
  8. SIO Support WWW Server
  9. OS/2 DD Pak On-Line
  10. The Best OS/2 Software
  11. Warpstock '97
  12. Stardock Systems
  13. The OS/2-Funland List hompage!
  14. Online Linux manual pages
  15. S.u.S.E. welcomes you!
  16. S.u.S.E. welcomes you!
  17. Linuxita: the Minimal Working Set?
  18. Welcome to SCO!
  19. PowerQuest Corporation
  20. GRUB -- GRand Unified Bootloader
  21. Bluesky Innovations Home Page
  22. Perl5 for MSDOS
  23. Perl5 Information, Announcements, and Discussion - pl5.000
  24. Availability of Awk and Perl
  25. CPAN.html
  26. The Rexx Language
  27. Mark Hessling's Home Page
  28. C F S Nevada, Inc. / Dick Goran REXX utility files
  29. OOPS; Ounce of Prevention System
  30. Java JDK - Java Development Kits for AIX, OS/2, OS/400, OS/390 and Windows 3.1
  31. Free Compilers List - By Category
  32. Borland Online
  33. Borland C++ Home Page
  34. delorie software
  35. Shareware and freeware: EMX 0.9a
  36. readme.doc emx 0.9c INTRODUCTION 09-Sep-1996
  37. GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project of the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
  38. Time Synchronization Software
  39. PKWARE
  40. Stac Home Page
  41. Announcing... Pretty Good Privacy
  42. JP Software - The Prompt Solution
  43. Adobe Systems Incorporated
  44. Adobe Acrobat Free Reader
  45. Dr. Dobb's Web Site
  46. Wrox Press Developers' Reference
  47. Archives
  48. Prime Time Freeware
  49. Some Useful Software
  50. Welcome to Bigfoot
  51. The Coast to Coast Software Repository (tm)
  52. OAK Software Repository
  53. IBM Hursley Laboratories WWW2 server
  54. XFree86(TM): Home Page
  55. Welcome to WWW.MTA.NET!
  56. Richard Leo Green
  57. http://www.x86.org/HomePage.html
  58. Welcome to CD Archive, Inc.
  59. Center for Computer Systems Engineering Information Clearinghouse - CFCSE-IC
  60. Washington University Data Archive


I was helped out moving into the realm of Intel/PC a lot by my long time friend, Glenn Currie here.

  1. Video Terminal Information
  2. AVerMedia Technologies
  3. Iomega Home Page
  4. Modem FAQ -- Curt's High Speed Modem Page
  5. Micro House International
  6. Micro House International
  7. The AMI BIOS Survival Guide
  8. Microchip Home Page
  9. 3Com
  10. Zoom Telephonics: Home
  11. http://www.hiteksolution.com
  12. Antec Home Page
  13. ATI Technologies Inc. On-Line
  14. Welcome to WDL
  15. Trident Microsystems
  16. Before you enter...
  17. California Digital - Home Page
  18. SIIG, Inc.
  19. Aitech International Corporation
  20. Willow Peripherals
  21. Jameco Electronics
  22. Trident Microsystems

Commodore and other archaic systems

Can the Net Computer recapture the magic?

  1. jbrain.com
  2. Transactor Magazine
  3. Poldi's C64-Page
  4. Arkanix Labs Home Page
  5. HI-TECH Z80 CP/M C compiler V3.09
  6. CMD
  7. Gaelyne's Home Page
  8. The Internet For Commodore Users
  9. [DIR] c64/

CD-ROM sources

  1. The CD-ROM Outlet
  2. CDROM World
  3. No Title Provided
  4. MSB's CDROM Catalog
  5. CD-ROM * Starvector Software * CD-ROM
  6. Walnut Creek CDROM
  7. InfoMagic Home Page


  1. book shop list
  2. Amazon.com Books
  3. Related Sites on the Web
  4. http://www.loompanics.com/
  5. Expressbooks.com
  7. Book Stacks - Book of Days
  8. HamiltonBook.com
  9. Necronomicon Press
  10. International Data Group (IDG.com)
  11. Hobgoblin Press

Cycling and other Transportation

I got off to a slow start cycling, as a small child on a 'cruiser' that was too big, picked up some when I got a 'Stingray' style bike, and then more serious after aquiring a J.C. Penny Ten speed in college. I started riding it really seriously about ten years ago, till it fell apart. Two weeks after I replaced it with a Mountain Bike, my car was totaled, and I haven't looked back - today I'm a lifetime member of the League of American Bicyclists. I've had many memorable cycling experiences, drop me some mail if you want to know more about them.

  1. cycling.org: the global cycling network
  2. League of American Bicyclists
  3. The Orange County Wheelmen
  4. Southern California Mountain Bike Website
  5. REI
  6. Nashbar
  7. SR Suntour
  8. Smart Traveler FAQs
  9. Steve's Metrolink Train Travel
  10. Metrolink's own home page


You'll notice my alma matre, University of Houston, is not listed here. After they shut down the Engineering Department at the Victoria Campus, where I was attending, in one ugly example of campus politics, then followed it up with what the Wall Street Journal described as a classic case of mismanagement of public institution funds, how could they be? I'm currently enrolled in Cal State Long Beach's Computer Science Department graduate school.

  2. Walden University


  1. The Orange County Register
  2. The Downey Eagle Newspaper, Friday, August 29, 1997
  3. Los Angeles Times Web Site
  4. Wallstreet Journal



Music has always been very important in my life. Maybe the most important I heard was while I was a teenager and our family was on vacation on the Texas coast. I heard the first time "Mr. Tambourine" was played on the Houston radio station we were listening to. It reshaped my expectations from music, as Roger and company later did again with "Eight Miles High". Later significant events were first hearing the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, and blues harmonica great William Clark.

  1. BMG Music Service
  2. Tower Records
  3. 411-WINNER
  4. The Byrds Homepage
  5. Roger McGuinn Home Page
  6. Stringbender
  7. Welcome to Swing Girl Productions!
  8. Moby Grape
  9. Welcome to HARMOLODIC
  10. The Jazz Composers Collective
  11. Lira Productions
  12. Pages of Fire


Big impact here was with Ray Bradbury, Hermann Hesse, and Clark Ashton Smith, and most recently Jorge Luis Borges.

  2. Some Science Fiction Web Resources
  3. Lankhmar - The Fritz Leiber Home Page
  4. Robert Anson Heinlein
  5. Boondock's Robert A. Heinlein Tribute Page
  6. The Garden of Forking Paths: A Jorge Luis Borges Web Site
  7. The Garden of Forking Paths
  8. Science Fiction Poetry Association
  10. The SciFaiku
  11. A Haiku Homepage
  12. The Shiki Internet Haiku Salon
  13. On Renku. By Makoto Ueda

Employment Resources

I need a job. Seriously.

  1. The Online Employment Office
  2. The Software Jobs Home Page - Software Job Listings
  3. http://www.hightechcareers.com/
  4. Career, Employment, & Job Search at the Westech Virtual Job Fair
  5. Welcome To High Technology Careers
  6. Contract Employment Weekly
  7. SENET Career Expo
  8. Hughes Information Technology Systems
  9. The Boeing Company
  10. QUALCOMM Homepage
  11. Aerojet
  12. TRW Inc.
  13. h l yoh
  14. Welcome to The Boeing Company
  15. RHI Consulting
  16. Mentor Graphics Corporation
  17. Welcome to IT-HR
  18. AWC NYC - The JOBLINK Page

Political and Economic Information

Politics: the study of coerced choice.

Economics: the study of rational choice.

Three events were critical in setting my outlook on public affairs. The first was the attempt by Government agents to bribe my great uncle Scott into plowing the family farm crop under during the Great Depression. This, while people were standing in soup lines in major U.S. cities. The agents were sent packing in no uncertain terms. The second were articles in major newspapers about Libertarian political activist Karl Hess, and the emerging movement he helped forge. Third was Milton Friedman's "Free to Choose" TV show.

  1. PS-YAF Home Page
  2. NRA.org (National Rifle Association)
  3. Agorist Institute
  4. The Ludwig von Mises Institute
  5. National Space Society
  6. EFF (The Electronic Frontier Foundation)
  7. Collection of GOV sites


  1. NIST WWW Home Page
  2. Welcome to WDL
  3. DoublePup Enterprises, Inc.
  4. Welcome to Niles Online
  5. http://www.mensa.org/
  6. Wells Fargo's WWW Home Page
  7. Welcome to ISA OnLine
  8. ARRLWeb: The American Radio Relay League -- ARRL