Forth Day 2011

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Forth Day 2011 Meeting Notes are posted here.

Chairman's Welcome & The Year in Review - George Perry & Kevin Appert
Video - 5:40 - 7.85 Mb ogm file

From Harvard to Princeton at Stanford: eForth as an Arduino Sketch - CH Ting
"AVR microcontrollers are based on the Harvard architecture, with separate program and data memory spaces. C is also based on this architecture. Forth, however, is based on the Princeton architecture, i.e., a von Neumann machine, with a unified memory space for both program and data. In this eForth, implemented as an Arduino Sketch, I am imposing a Princeton architecture virtual machine on a Harvard processor with a Harvard architecture programming language. Of course, in a virtual machine, you can do anything. You just make it work."
Video - 17:16 - 19.8 Mb ogm file

C Macros for Ardurino eForth - John E. Harbold
John discussed his efforts to use C macros to construct Arduino eForth's dictionary.
Video - 17:19 - 21.6 Mb ogm file

My First True Home-built Computer: The Kestrel-2 - Samuel A. Falvo II
"My first attempt at FPGA development, the Kestrel-2 finally realizes a life-long dream I've had -- to build my own home computer from scratch. I followed in the footsteps of the Jupiter ACE, but with a significant difference: it's Forth all the way down to its J1 core processor."
Video - 20:52 - 22.9 Mb ogm file

Forth on the Cortex-M1 FPGA Development Kit - Leon Wagner
This presentation describes the instantiation of an ARM Cortex-M1 CPU core on an Altera Cyclone III FPGA and the development of a simple Forth application to run on it. The CPU core used here is the ARM Cortex-M1 FPGA Development Kit. The Altera Quartus II environment is used to build the ARM Cortex-M1 system, including memory, embedded peripherals, and a debug interface for the Forth environment. SwiftX-ARM is used to develop and interactively test a simple program on the newly instantiated CPU core in the FPGA.
Video - 33:39 - 35.2 Mb ogm file

Doit - A Micro-controller Forth - Dave Wyland
Dave described Doit, a subroutine-threaded Forth with a simple interrupt system for microcontrollers such as the Arduino (i.e. Atmel AtMega328P, etc.). New features discussed included integrated scoping of local and global variables and a hybrid block micro-file system using the internal flash.
Video - 21:51 - 29.3 Mb ogm file

NativeClient Forth in Chrome - Brad Nelson
NativeClient Forth allows constrained x86 machine code to run inside the Chrome web browser. A Forth version designed to run inside NaCl was presented including a discussion of its internal implementation and of NativeClient in general.
Video - 27:01 - 35.7 Mb ogm file

Forth Haiku - Brad Nelson
Forth Haiku is a web application for sharing small Forth programs that generate colorful images, animation, and now sound. A brief description of the Haiku vocabulary, its implementation on top of Javascript, WebGL, and Web Audio was presented, followed by a survey of interesting, aesthetic, and colorful Haiku submissions from SVFIG members and others.
Video - 27:01 - 35.7 Mb ogm file (same file as above)

Gameduino's Forth Coprocessor - James Bowman
Last year at Forth Day, James introduced his J1 Forth core. This year, he discussed more about Gameduino, the FPGA-based videogame "shield" for the Arduino (or anything else with an SPI interface) which uses the J1 core to run Forth.
Video - 11:07 - 15.1 Mb ogm file

Forth, the Really Useful Engine - Gary Feierbach
Gary talked about several areas in which Forth has proved very useful.
Video - 29:35 - 40.0 Mb ogm file

Replicating the Canon Cat and IAI Swyft and SwyftCard - John 'Sandy' Bumgarner
Sandy talked about the Canon Cat, IAI Swyft, and SwyftCard.
Video - 9:47 - 11.7 Mb ogm file

Hands on GreenArrays - Greg Bailey & other GreenArray employees
Greg gave a short briefing on the progress of GreenArrays in the past year and a glimpse of its plans for the next. The room was reconfigured into a group of separate stations at which hands-on experience with GreenArrays hardware and software was available to all attendees. Various projects were set up and demonstrated. This familiarized attendees with this technology and provided them with a personal experience. This "hands-on" time was unstructured - the stations in the room presented attendees with a chance to select the topics of greatest interest to them from a "buffet" of opportunities.
Video - 30:16 - 38.5 Mb ogm file

Fireside Chat - Chuck Moore
Video - 1:00:33 - 82.3 Mb ogm file
Video on YouTube - 480P - posted by Michael Montvelishsky
Video on YouTube - posted by GreenArrays

Rollcall of those attending Forth Day 2011
Video - 1:09 - 5.07 Mb ogm file