Forth Day 2008

Amateur Radio Direction Finding Using a PIC Forth Processor - Bill Ragsdale
Bill, K6KN, will present his project, a radio direction finder for amateur radio "bunny hunts". To develop the one-chip PIC design, he has written a PIC Forth nucleus, interactive emulator, assembler, loader, and application code using Win32 Forth.
Video - 80 Mb OGG file

Rainbow Forth becomes a WebApp - Brad Nelson
Brad will demonstrate a reimplementation of ColorForth as a web application written in Javascript using Google AppEngine as a datastore.
Video - 11 Mb OGG file

Firmware Engineering Workshop - CH Ting
"eForth is a very simple Forth implementation portable to all types of microprocessors and microcontrollers. eForth's ideal platform requires 16 KBytes of RAM/ROM memory. If both ROM and RAM memory can be mapped to the same logical memory space, the firmware development will be greatly simplified. I will demonstrate two platforms, an ARM7-based prototype board from Olimex and an eP32 system implemented on a FPGA from Altera. Substantial Forth application code has been written and verified on these systems. This Workshop summarizes how to produce firmware with eForth."
Video - 69 Mb OGG file

SwiftForth for Linux - Leon Wagner
"Forth Inc. ported the core of SwiftForth-Win32 to Linux last winter and have been using it internally as well as on a few selected customer projects. The system has been in alpha test for about 10 months and is nearly ready to release."
Video coming soon

ForthDrive Project Sees First Light - Sam Falvo
"I've managed to get a ForthDrive to render to a VGA display. If time and space permits, I'll discuss the code and give a small demo."
Video - 37 Mb OGG file

IntellaSys Update
SEAforth® Evaluation Kit 40C18 (SEK 40C18) - Dylan Smeder
Serial Terminal Driver Demo - Charley Shattuck
Video - 63 Mb OGG file

eForth and Interactive Debugger (IDB) Demo - John Rible
Video - 72 Mb OGG file

Communicating Processes and Talking Voltmeter Demo - Jeff Fox
Video - 89 Mb OGG file

New Music Demo - Michael Montvelishky
Video - 49 Mb OGG file

Fireside Chat - c18 Instruction Set - Forty Years of Forth - Chuck Moore
Video - 1092 Mb MPG file
Video - 158 Mb FLV file
Video - 120 Mb OGG file

Rollcall of those attending Forth Day 2008
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