Notes from December 2002 Meeting


P8 update:
P8 chip mounted on PC boards and working
executes P21 instructions
1st design used Xilinx Vertx 1000E RAM-based FPGA $1000
this design uses Actel fuse-link FPGA + flash $20
P32 update:
8 Mb flash for Chinese character set
eForth Academy:
Library - manuals
Lab - topics for research
Classroom - lessons, Forth course
Cafe -
Basic version 1 -
Basic version 2 -
Programs -
eForth Sutra - in Chinese only
Certification - 3 levels: college, Masters, PhD

Afternoon session:

Swift Forth - mentioned by Jodell
Explanation of Windows programming example - Alan Furman
Meme - VR in Forth - Marc de Groot
Quartus Forth for Treo cellphone
PicoSearch - a free search engine for searching your own website
Window Manager - Brian Livingston in InfoWorld
Design Ideas in EDN
Ideas for Design in Electronic Design is the most complete collection of information assembled for and by actual users of Microsoft Windows.

Kevin Appert