Notes from the December 2000 Meeting

DOS Color Forth with MASM source by Terry Loveall

Patriot Scientific website - new version with content - slow to load

Photo of Skip's son using Palm controlled robot

Skip Carter's son using a Palm Computer robot controller

Squeak is an open, highly-portable Smalltalk-80 implementation whose virtual machine is written entirely in Smalltalk, making it easy to debug, analyze, and change. To achieve practical performance, a translator produces an equivalent C program whose performance is comparable to commercial Smalltalks.

MicroStrain produces micro-miniature displacement, force, inclination and orientation sensors and microelectronics for analog and digital signal conditioning. Wireless data transmission and remote powering systems are available for our sensors as well as a wide range of other sensors.

Keyboard Technology Source - remote keyboards, RS232 keyboard interface, wrist keyboard, RF key switches

RS232, 422, 485, SCSI gadgets and widgets
B & B Electronics
Black Box
Patton Electronics

RF link
Reynolds Elecrronics
Strain Link
Linx Technologies
Otek Intelligent Instruments

Hostages kidnapped by the US from Peru and other South American countries and interned for the duration of WW2, then deported. Never compensated (not even the token amount given to US citizen internees) or apologized to:

The Ballad of Rodger Young - here are the lyrics:

Independent Service Operators, Power Grid Load - data

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