November 2023
Forth Day
Meeting Notes

Compiled by Dave Jaffe

Contributions from Kevin Appert and others

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Welcome - Kevin Appert, SVFIG Program Chairman
The welcome will include the ceremonial starting of the Zoom recorder.


The J1 Family of Soft core Processors - Christopher Lozinski
"My last SVFIG talk, 'Review of Soft Core Forth Processors', was a high-level market overview. I am now busy hacking the Mecrisp-Ice source code. This talk will explain why I chose to build on that code base."

Video (34:04)


ISO Weeks Programming Challenge - Bill Ragsdale
"The ISO 8601 Standard week is used for planning business finance and operations. A key element is numbering the weeks of the year, albeit with a non-intuitive method."

"The ISO weeks, beginning on Monday, are numbered 1 to 52 or 53 with Week One containing the first Thursday of the year. The first and last weeks of a month may cross over into other months or years."

"The Challenge: Create a Forth Word (Program) to determine the ISO week for any date. Consider using Zeller's rule for day determination. You may check by using the Excel ISOWEEKNUM. Methods are shown on-line but are generally incomplete, not showing how to handle exception cases for the first and last week."

Video (28:29)
Day calculation from date


Lambdas in Forth - Brad Nelson
"Lambda expressions have become a popular language feature, finding their way into Python, Java, and even C++. They offer a powerful building block for abstraction. Forth's flexibility means that what others have, we can borrow! I'll explore how to implement lambda expressions in Forth and consider if they're a useful tool for Forth development."

Video (36:38)
Anonymous function


In-person Photo Shoot


System Forth - Samuel A. Falvo II
"I will present a quick overview of these topics:"

  1. "I have solved the wordlist bug in my System Forth implementation, so wordlists actually work!!"
  2. "I also implemented LIST, so I can see what the heck I'm about to load now."
  3. And I have added PAGE and AT-XY too.
  4. I will demonstrate Tic-tac-toe game demo."
Video (18:12)


FluidNC DIY CNC - Mitch Bradley
"FluidNC is CNC controller firmware that runs on very low-cost hardware but is flexible enough to support many kinds of complex machines. I will introduce the basics of CNC controllers, explain how FluidNC came about, and discuss the challenges of supporting an open source project of this magnitude in the context of a DIY community."

Video (23:16)


Forth Recognizers in SwiftForth - Leon Wagner - President FORTH, Inc.
"The Forth interpreter doesn't have a standard method for extending how it processes various kinds of text tokens in the input stream. SwiftForth and other systems have long had hooks that provided places to extend the processing of text tokens (e.g., optional floating-point support, parsing Windows system constants, OOP packages like SWOOP, local variables, etc.). The proposed Forth Recognizers wordset allows the system to be extended in a standard way. It also turns out to be a nice simplification that reduces the complexity of the SwiftForth interpret and compile loops."

Video (19:52)
Forth Recognizers in SwiftForth




CORE I Project Update and AI is Forth's "Killer APP" - Don Golding
Don spoke about CORE I basics, its features, and RISC V.

Video (32:10)


2023 State of the CoSy Report - Bob Armstrong

Video (28:13)


Fireside Chat - Chuck Moore
Chuck's fireside chat is a Forth Day tradition!

Video (54:59)


End of Meeting

Coming in December

Fall Haikus - Brad Nelson
"Using the power of Forth Haikus we'll create seasonal fall images and animations to celebrate Forth Day."

Getting Started with arrayForth - Greg Bailey
"I will present a video on the simple process of downloading, installing, and using arrayForth 3"


AI on CORE I LLMs - Don Golding
Don plans to speak about Large Language Models. CORE I circuit board status: "they were setting up to assemble the boards yesterday, will get them by Wednesday next week. Next meeting I can give a demo of the board if I didn't make any unfixable mistakes."

CORE I Applications - Don Golding and Demitri Peynado
“Demitri and I would like to give a quick 15 minute update on CORE I then discuss the possible uses for a CORE I / Forth Computer.”

Direction Finding - Andrew Korsak
Andy is planning to present this application on Forth Day.

Building GUIs in Forth, without the Gunk - Xuyang Chen

Fiji Language - Jack J. Woehr

The Game of Bridgit - Bob Armstrong

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