November 2017 Meeting Notes

Forth Day

Compiled by Dave Jaffe

Contributions from Kevin Appert and others

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Videos: morning (3:41:32) - afternoon (4:07:33)


Coffee and a Chat


Chairman's Welcome - George Perry


Pthreads under Gforth - John E. Harbold
John will present the ability to run pthreads under Gforth.

Slides - 127 Kb pdf file


Declarative, Inquisitive, then Imperative: Seven Years Later - Samuel A. Falvo II
“The DItI method of programming has allowed me to tackle sophisticated programming challenges in Forth that, traditionally, I've wanted to use a different programming language for. In this talk, I will discuss what DItI is and provide examples to illustrate its value. As time permits, I also will discuss problems frequently encountered while using DItI, and propose changes to the Forth virtual machine to try to tackle these problems.”

Slides - 275 Kb pdf file
The Declarative, Imperative, then Inquisitive Pattern
7 Years Later: Declarative, Inquisitive, then Imperative


Insight of esp32eForth - Chen Suan
Sam will describe and demonstrate this token-threaded Forth.

Slides - 2.80 Mb pdf file
esp32eForth_14.ino - 189 Kb text file


Forth Haiku Vision - Brad Nelson
Forth Haiku now has vision! A laptop or cell phone camera and a few simple words can be used to transfigure a live video feed. Possibilities include fun-house mirrors, image filters, and interactive art.

Slides - online


Break & Order Lunch
A signup sheet was passed around.


Standalone FIG Forth on a PDP-11 Hard Disk - Paul Hardy
This presentation will describe how the standalone floppy disk version of PDP-11 FIG Forth, reconstructed in early 2017, has been updated to a 10 Megabyte RL02 hard disk image. The disk image runs in common PDP-11 simulators.

Slides - 3.28 Mb pdf file
fig-FORTH on a (Simulated) PDP-11 - February 25, 2017
Reconstructing the fig-FORTH PDP-11 Disk - March 25, 2017


There’s Forth in That - Leon Wagner (FORTH, Inc.)
"I’ll give an overview of some current commercial and industrial Forth applications that use SwiftForth (on Windows, Linux, and macOS) and SwiftX for embedded systems."

Slides - 1.58 Mb pdf file


Compile-time Execution / Parse-time Execution? - Andreas Wagner
Andreas will describe Parse-time Execution, an alternative to Forth recognizers that decomposes and decentralizes the outer interpreter into the word headers for expressive pattern matching.

Slides - 1.27 Mb pdf file


The Control Loop in Mitochondrial DNA - CH Ting
“There is a stretch of about 1000 base code in mitochondrial DNA which does not code for any protein. I believe this stretch contains the secrets of genetic programming, which controls the growth and division of cells. While I do not understand the code, I would like to share some of my observations. I also believe that if G*d picked a programming language for genomes, she/he would surely pick Forth for its simplicity and expressiveness.”

Slides - 525 Kb pdf file


We enjoyed lunch catered by The Treehouse.


Green Arrays Presentations


Introduction: Green Arrays Status and Some Recent Modules - Greg Bailey

Slides - 509 Kb pdf file


EVB001 Studio - Stefan Mauerhofer

Slides - 416 Kb pdf file


Binaural Obstacle Detection - Daniel Kalny

Slides - 11.6 Mb pdf file
Echo Recording - 0:38
Echo Processing - 0:36
Radar Screen - 0:30


Design Exercise: Large Scale 1080p Video Distribution - Greg Bailey

Slides - 732 Kb pdf file


Fireside Chat - Chuck Moore


Groups Photo & Roll Call Video

Photos and video


Clean Up and Adjourn


Dinner at Su Hong, 4256 El Camino Real, Palo Alto

Forth Day Thanks - Dave Jaffe

  • Thanks to Kevin Appert for his many Forth Day efforts
  • Thanks to George Perry for his lunch ordering skill
  • Thanks to Brad Nelson for managing t-shirt sales
  • Thanks to Andreas Wagner for selling Forth books
  • Thanks to Leon Wagner for flying up from SoCal
  • Thanks to Dennis Ruffer for streaming Forth Day presentations
  • Thanks to all the presenters
  • Thanks to Greg and GreenArrays for the afternoon and for carrying on with remarkable Forth Chips.
  • Thanks to all attendees (35 local and 15 online) for participating
  • And thanks to Chuck Moore for bringing us all together

Forth Day Thanks - Kevin Appert

  • Thanks to Dave Jaffe for providing the room, the room wireless microphone, the wireless microphone for the videos, the drinks tubs, the lunch menu & order form, putting out the sign and doorbell, straightening up after, and dozens of other things he does for us on Forth Day and every month. Most of all, thanks for the website! The countdown timer has been reset, now counting down until Forth Day 2018!

Forth Day Thanks - Dennis Ruffer

  • I’m thankful for the opportunities to pay forward the advantages that giants gave me
  • That Chuck and Elizabeth took a shot on a crazy idea from some guys in Kalamazoo.
  • That Dean had an idea for doing diagnostics on a 2 MHz 8080.
  • That a bunch of people dedicated countless hours to put Forth into the public domain.
  • That we all were able to cooperate enough to give FIG a real place in the world.
  • That Marlin was able to give us a voice that will always be remembered.
  • That countless people around the world still want to contribute to this cause.
  • That Stanford continues to allow us to meet in their facilities.
  • That Google gives us a way to talk to the world.
  • That I am still able to do this.
  • That you are still listening.

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