Forth Day 2009 Meeting Notes

Compiled by Dave Jaffe

Contributions from Kevin Appert and others


Coffee and a Chat


Welcome - George Perry
George, the SVFIG Chairman, will offer a few words of welcome and include some announcements about books and t-shirts.

Forth Applications


eForth in C - CH Ting
This the by far the simplest Forth ever written in C. Existing versions of Forth in C were all complicated because of C language requirements and the underlying operating system limitations. This implementation is based on a very simple Forth Virtual Machine written in C, which executes Forth words in a dictionary. This dictionary is constructed by an eForth metacompiler and inserted into a byte memory array in C. The Forth Machine can be quite simple, with as few as 31 primitives, or can be optimized to have 256 primitives.



PACE FIG-Forth - David Kilbridge
David Kilbridge was the implementer of the original FIG-Forth model for the PACE processor. He will provide a little insight into this processor and his implementation of the FIG model on it in the early days of the Forth Interest Group.

Slides - 1.1 Mb pdf


Resurrecting FIG-Forth through Simulation - Eric Smith
Eric will give a brief review of his work porting PACE FIG-Forth to his simulated IMP-16 and eventually to real hardware. He'll then describe the progress he's made since May.


Overview of the Forth Foundation Library - John E. Harbold
John will discuss code which makes use of the Forth equivalent of a C++ Class Library. The Forth Foundation Library (FFL) is a general purpose Forth library whose main purpose is to make it easier to develop applications. Examples include a Finite State Machine (FSM) and Dynamic Strings.

FFL project site
Slides - 40.3 Kb pdf




Cheap, Simple, and Functional - Bob Nash
Using inexpensive hardware and free development tools, professional-quality, high-performance instrumentation can be designed quickly. This presentation will describe several of these development environments and show instruments that have been built with them.

  • Handout - 41.5 Kb pdf
    "Here is the paper I presented at Forth Day, sans the first page of the 89051F362 datasheet."
  • 8051 with TCP - bare chip $6.35, development board $48.75
  • EAGLE Light Edition - Free CAD software
  • gEDA - GPL suite and toolkit of Electronic Design Automation tools
    (used to design Ronja - a free technology project for reliable optical data link)


Icon Forth - Brad Nelson
A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. Icon Forth replaces traditional Forth words with images and the dictionary is a collaboratively edited online database.



Discussion of a Native Forth for a NetBook - Sandy Bumgarner
"Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a cute, inexpensive, and complete computer that runs only Forth? Ah, nothing but you, Forth, and the hardware! Such a system could be built with an ASUS Eee PC and perhaps other netbooks. Let's talk about it ..."

MAce Ace Computer Emulator


A Moment of Remembrance and Celebration for Dave Boulton - Sandy Bumgarner and Cousin Bette

Memorial Card
Send condolences to:
Bette Daoust
bjdaoust -at-


Lunch in Gibbons Grove - Catered by CH Ting
Adjacent to Terman Engineering Center

Forth Engines


Forth System on a Programmable Chip - Leon Wagner
"I will build a CFV1CORE_ALTERA System on a Programmable Chip (SOPC) design in the Altera Quartus II environment, program the design into a Cyclone III FPGA, and then interactively develop some Forth code to run on the newly instantiated core."

"The CFV1CORE_ALTERA, available free of charge from IPextreme, is the same V1 ColdFire processor core implemented in Freescale's MCF51QExx devices, but delivered as an SOPC Builder design optimized for the Altera Cyclone III FPGA. The V1 ColdFire system bus has been adapted to the Altera Avalon system interface for the CFV1CORE_ALTERA implementation."


Venture Forth Toys - Dennis A. Ruffer
"While working at the IntellaSys Radio and RF division in Colorado, I came up with some plug-ins for their VentureForth compiler. I will give a brief introduction to them and explain why I found them to be useful."

VentureForth Compiler Plug-ins
Dennis' Linkedin profile




IntellaSys Hearing Aid Project - Michael Montvelishsky
The bleeding edge of hearing aid technology is arcane and counter-intuitive. Michael will pull back the curtain and reveal the secrets behind the DSP black magic. This may be the most remarkable real-world application of the IntellaSys SeaForth processor.



New Code on the New Hardware - Jeff Fox
Jeff will give a live interactive demonstration of the colorForth tethered IDE as well as take up topics from his blog and show off this year's chips.


Square Root Routine for the c18 (s40 CPU) - John Rible
John will discuss his colorforth implementation of a 32-bit square root routine for the c18 (s40 cpu) and talk about the eForth interface he used to test it.

Code - pdf


Fireside Chat - Chuck Moore

GA32 32-computer Chip - poster
S40 Multicomputer Chip - poster
Haypress Creek Supercomputer




Dinner Banquet
Su Hong
1039 El Camino Real
Menlo Park

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