Notes from the November Forth Day 2005 Meeting

Group Photograph
photo by Kevin Appert
panorama stitching by Jay McKnight

Morning Session

New Products for Forth Embedded Systems - Dave Jaffe
Powerpoint presentation in PDF (341 kb)

Links from presentation:
Forth Stamps - CH Ting
Powerpoint presentation in PDF (231 Kb)
ForthStamp documentation in PDF (136 Kb)
Operates at 45 Mhz
ForthStamp CPU - $50
Level shifter for serial port - $25

Afternoon Session

SwiftForth - Bob Nash
Swift Forth - $400
Swift Forth with source code - $1500
A version is also available without turn-key startup
Considerable support is available from the online user group
Fireside Chat - Chuck Moore
Working on a multi-processor Forth chip design
Company involved is Intelasys
Electronic News article - Startup Intelasys Targets Multicore Processors (10/24/2005)