Notes from November 2003 Meeting

Morning Session

CH Ting - New Actel FPGA Board with eP32

Tim Duncan - Digital Music using Forth

LaFarr Stuart - An Experiment in Stack Oriented Variable Precision Arithmetic
LaForth and Arithmetic Programs
Pi expansion

I used Square Root of 2 for a couple reasons in preference to Pi in my Forth Day example.

  1. I think most people are more interested in Pi and that interest may motivate them to try to do it. If I had done Pi, everyone would probably just look and nod, but to learn one has to do more.

  2. It is quite remarkable that if you square any of the sqrt(2) fractions, the numerator is always just one off from being exactly twice the denominator, showing how close the approximation is.

  3. It is a very simple continued fraction (C.F.) which repeats for ever. This is a C.F. property for the Square Root of any number. (The repeating sequence often is more than a single digit.) Some examples, I will put the repeating part in ()'s


    I included the last three above because it looks like the C.F. sequence for sqrt(n**2+1) always has a repeating sequence of only one digit. At the moment, for me, this is only a conjecture? I wonder if it is provable?

  4. It is quite easy to recognize when one number is nearly twice another (item 2 above) which makes 2 preferable to Pi or other Square Roots.

Afternoon Session

Kevin Appert - Forth Links, Resources, and Success Stories
SMART Antenna uses Forth running on over 100 processors steering a phased array microwave receiving antenna. (press release).
Al Mitchell - amrFORTH Version 6
Forth Dimensions - scanned pdf of the first 6 years
Randy Thelen - Mippy - TTL Forth
Block diagram
Joseph M. O'Connor - A Forth-like Scripting Language in Borland Delphi
Creole Forth Webpage
SVFIG Forth Day handout
CD-ROM available - send email to Kevin Appert
Jeff Fox - Special presentation
OKAD VLSI Design Tools coded in ColorForth
Algebraic GUI for P21 and F21
Machine Forth on PC
Color Forth for DOS
Color Forth for X-Windows
Coloe Forth for Windows
Able to boot Color Forth from USB flash disk


Oscar - Amateur Satellite Corp.
IPS Programming Langauage

Tcl and the Tk Toolkit
John K. Ousterhout
IBSN 0-201-63337-X

An Embedded Life by Jack Ganssle
From: Embedded Systems Programming

Batteries Plus can replace cells in laptop battery packs