Notes from November 2002 Meeting

Forth GUI and Operating Systems - Jeff Fox
AHA compiler for tokenized Forth
Allegra GUI - windowing GUI
video acceleration using video board's co-processor
F# - CH Ting
F# word list - pdf
works only with Windows XP
subroutine threaded
on CD with all e-Forth models $25
OOP left out for simplicity
MASM 6.2 used to assemble code
API calls and call-backs implemented
programmable in Chinese
Off-the-Record - Kevin Appert

11/14/2002 NY Times article by William Safire

"You Are a Suspect" the story of the large database on your personal life which the Federal Government will create if the Homeland Security Act is not amended before passage. Free access to NY Times and archive with registration - they send you a little advertising but it's well worth it.


Warm and humorous fables starring the inimitable Afghani, (Iranian? Turkish? ) mullah abound on the Internet. Here's a few to get you started:

Beware - there are a bunch of crappy contemporary jokes with Nasrudin's name stuck in them on other sites. There are several collections of Nasrudin stories in print. Look for them at (These are the folks who didn't sue anybody over "One Click Shopping")

Uncle Tungsten - Oliver Sacks

Great book by Oliver Sacks about his youth and the things he learned about Chemistry. This is the famous Neurologist who wrote The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Awakenings. See the fictional movie Awakenings (Starring Robin Williams as Dr. S) and Look for the book at or at Amazon:

Folks who are considering going over to LINUX instead of Microsoft Windows DracoWare:


Microsoft, Palladium and Trusted Computing (They need to trust your computer so you won't be able to.)

"The technical idea underlying treacherous computing is that the computer includes a digital encryption and signature device, and the keys are kept secret from you. (Microsoft's version of this is called "Palladium.") Proprietary programs will use this device to control which other programs you can run, which documents or data you can access, and what programs you can pass them to. These programs will continually download new authorization rules through the Internet, and impose those rules automatically on your work. If you don't allow your computer to obtain the new rules periodically from the Internet, some capabilities will automatically cease to function."
Newsforge article

Saelig TDS2020F - Can bus
Swift Forth - Smartwear Wallet - wearable logic application
Delosoft - Russian Forth
Chuck Moore
AR25 - array of 25 computers - C18 (18-bit computers)
25000 MIPS - anticipated cost=$2 - comsumes 1/4 watt of power
64 point FFT in 15 us