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8051s and 8051s with flash and one more thing

Last month we were talking about 8051-derivatives with flash memory. I said I thought WaferScale had one and Ting said they just had a second chip solution. Ting was correct, they have a good one with I/O etc on-board and a CPLD incorporated as well:
Speaking of programmable logic for 8051s, here is the vendor who has an 8051 core with programmable logic on-chip:
Here is a list of 8051-derivatives. As you can see, there are a few with flash.
Here are some interesting books:
Here is the (small at the moment) 8051 web ring::;list
Here is an EDN article which provides an overview of the latest and greatest, a substantial discussion of Flash, along with a veritable railroad switchyard of links:

The thing I liked best about this article is the sales figures $4.8 billion this year for 8-bitters versus $3.6 billion for 16 bitters and 452 million for 32 bits. I would not have guessed anywhere near the correct $ ratio.

Partial Non-sequitor. Here is another chip, TCP/IP Stack in Silicon:
And now for something completely different. I was talking about the USS Adml. Grace Hopper (DDG70) last month.

Completely off the track:

Here is another ship which might interest you. They are building a replica of Amistad at Mystic Seaport, CT:

The keel laying ceremony for Amistad II was in March, 1988 and they expect to commision her June 2000.