October 2012 Meeting Notes

Compiled by Dave Jaffe

Contributions from Kevin Appert and others

SVFIG on Google+ Hangout- long url - tinyurl

Videos - afternoon (2:45:09)


Coffee and a Chat


Michelangelo and Bach Stitched together in Adobe After Effects? - CH Ting
"I am trying to add video to Bach's B Minor Mass. I thought that Michelangelo's frescos in the Sistine Chapel would provide very nice images for the music. I tried CyberLink's PowerDirector to animate the images, but the results were poor because it can only animate images accepted into the video stream and cannot take the high resolution images as sources. I am now trying Adobe After Effects, which seems to do a good job in scanning the high resolution images into the video stream. I need more time to study After Effects, but I can show a few clips at the Saturday meeting."

Slides - 100Kb pdf file


We ate at the Treehouse.


Field Trips

We checked out the Global Paper Bike Rally after lunch.

Global Paper Bike Rally
This event will be held at 11am-1pm on Saturday in Roble Field. The bikes will be made by international students who are visiting this week. This link provides the general flavor of the challenge.

We postponed visiting the Ampex recorder in Green Library.

Historical Ampex Recorders
There's a beautifully restored Ampex 200a audio recorder and a VRX1000 video recorder on exhibit at Green Library. You'll need a driver's license or non-driver ID to get in.


Introductions, announcements, rumours, and gossip - All assembled
What can SVFIG do to promote Forth?


Milestone 2 Code Walkthrough - Samuel A. Falvo II
Sam will present a code walk-through of Milestone 2, the slide presentation program written in Kestrel Machine Forth.


Impromptu Talks

Dennis Ruffer showed a video of his Hawaiian vacation which included aa helicopter tour of a volcano field and waterfall. He also presented a comparison of video editting software.

Blue Hawaiian - video 11:23
Comparison of video editing software
WeVideo - cloud video editor

Stacy Smith recommended Natural Capitalism, a book by Amory Lovins.

Kevin Appert showed the hidden modes of his auto GPS device.




Creole and Lazarus - Joseph M. O'Connor
Creole Forth is a simple Forth-like programming language developed as a component in Borland Delphi. Joe has ported Creole to Lazarus, a free cross-platform IDE which provides a Delphi-like development experience. Joe will remote-present using Google+ Hangout which will be streamed live via YouTube.

Slides - 171 Kb pdf file
Lazarus Project files - version 1.02 for Windows and Linux
Creole Forth
Embarcadero Delphi
Lazarus (IDE)
Creole Forth: A scripting language in Borland Delphi

Instructions for installing Creole in Lazarus:

  1. Unzip
  2. Go to Package -> Open Package File (.lpk), compile, and click on forthscript.lpk
  3. Click on Compile to compile the sources.
  4. After compilation, click on Use and install to mark for installation.
  5. Exit dialog and go to Install Packages and look for 'forthscript 0.0 in the "Do not install" list on the right. Move it over to the "Install" list on the left-hand side.
  6. Click on "Save and Rebuild IDE". Lazarus has to exit and restart to install a component or set up components. The tab "CreoleForth" should appear as part of the component palette with a single component (Creole).


Clean Up




Quantum Computing - Jack Woehr
Jack had volunteered to do a remote "Hangout" presentation but he has another commitment so we'll postpone his talk, tentatively to December.

Other items:

Parallella: A Supercomputer for Everyone
Epiphany-IV 64-core 28nm microprocessor
Asynchronous Array of Simple Processors (AsAP) project
WeVideo - cloud video editor
A JavaScript interpreter for ARM micros
Electric Imp Wifi - $25
Project HiJack iPhone sensor interface
Cameras with WiFi
Samsung cameras with built-in WiFi - WB850
GoPro HERO3 camera with WiFi
Forth Programming Books
Forth for Education - 4E4th and 4E4th IDE by Dirk Bruehl
Why Forth still matters in this ARM / Linux / Android world
Top 10 Programming Languages to Keep You Employed
The Rise and Fall of Heathkit - And Rise of SparkFun
Electronic Design articles:
Electronic Engineering Design Ideas
60 Years of Ideas for Design
Bob Pease's Mailbox
Forth Jobs - submitted by Dennis Ruffer
Surplus Houses
Write Your Own Programming Language Using C++
Computer Archtecture online course by David Wentzlaff
Video lecture L1S5 is mostly about Stack Machine Architecture
Famously cluttered workspaces:
Computer History Museum honors Jim Williams and Bob Pease
Robert A. Pease's Office (video 5:17)

Meeting Announcement

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