October 2007 Meeting Notes

Compiled by Dave Jaffe

Contributions from Kevin Appert and others


Coffee and a chat


Bicycle Chain Seive - LaFarr Stuart
LaFarr discussed factoring numbers and the Lehmer Chain Sieve.

1926 Bicycle Chain Computing!


Some folks bring their lunch, some folks go to Togos.


Introductions, announcements, rumors, and random access

Photos from the RoboDevelopment Expo and a robotics lab at Stanford


Interesting Items - Volume 9 - Dave Jaffe
Dave will continue his survey of interesting newly-introduced microcontrollers, I/O peripherals, sensors, products, and gadgets that can provide useful and unique capabilities to Forth embedded systems. If anyone has come across anything that fits this category, pass them along to him for inclusion in his presentation.

Powerpoint slides - 370 Kb PDF file


Online Market World Expo 2007 - Masa Kasahara
Masa attended this trade show. He will talk about the show in general and in particular legal issues surrounding the web and blogging. A discussion will follow.

Powerpoint slides - 1.69 Mb PDF file


Vintage Computer Festival - Sellam Ismail
"Sam" will stop by to preview the Vintage Computer Festival to be held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View on November 3rd and 4th.



Other items:

Meeting Announcement

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