Notes from the October 2004 Meeting

Morning Session

Express PCB

This PC board manufacturing service makes top quality two and four layer PCBs. Use their MiniBoard service and pay only $51 for three boards (plus $8 shipping).

Download ExpressPCB schematic capture and PCB design software

Afternoon Session

Tcl Resources
Active Tcl
Book: Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk
Download Tcl 8.05
Tcl 8.47 and 8.50 Beta
TCL Information
Tcl/Tk Tutorial Index
Tcl Introduction
Tcl Script Writing Tutorials
Getting Started with Tcl
Tool Command Language
A Non-Programmer's Introduction to Tcl/Tk
Free Programming Resources


Hog Space
Hog Blog
Hog Forth
Intel vs. Patriot Forum