Notes from October 2003 Meeting

Morning Session - CH Ting

  1. Graphic display for Chinese computer
    3 color lcd
    3 bits per pixel
    serial interface

  2. Computer
    Actel FPGA APA150 - 150,000 gates
    runs eP32
    8 Mhz CPU board with PS/2 keyboard and RS232 interfaces
    ForthTalk - a Hyperterminal substitute that uses XModem protocol

  3. Software to draw rectangles and circles

  4. F# simulating eP32 under Windows

  5. FBrowser for display of simulator output using FML
    multiple windows - size declared in % or # of pixels
    located left, right, top, or bottom

  6. FML widgets
    box - can contain graphic image
    check button
    push button
    radio button
    combo box
    1 line edit box

Afternoon Session

  • Photos from VCF 6
  • Dwight Elvey's VCF talk
    "A specific Forth application with a vintage computer will describe its use in downloading data from the vintage machine with a non-standard disk format. In particular, data has been recovered from a Heathkit H89 with a hard-sector formatted USART-encoded floppy disk and transferred to a PC over a serial interface. Forth was employed on the PC side and assembly language on the H89."
  • Submit Forth success stories for publication on SVFIG website
  • November meeting is ForthDay - BBQ by Ting


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