Notes from October, 2000 Meeting

Neil Bawd's Ugly Home Page
43 Forth program in Public Domain Collection
_Forth Programmer's Handbook_ Non-Standard Words
A Toolbelt for All Forths
Mersenne Twister -- Billions and Billions of Random Numbers
Linear Congruential Sequences from Knuth -- Millions of Random Numbers
GOTO in Forth
Calendrical Calculations
A Multiple-Argument Macro Processor for Forth
Quotation Marks in Strings
Output Redirection
Computerized Shorthand
The NSA, 19th Century Cryptography, and Me

Silicon Composers, Inc.

Bad User Interface Examples

Wearable Computers

International Symposium on Wearable Computers's Conference
SlashDot article

Wearable Web Ring

Wearable Web Crawler