September 2006 Meeting Notes

Compiled by Dave Jaffe

Contributions from Kevin Appert


Starbucks Coffee, Tea, Bagels, and Pastries


Micron CMOS Image Sensor MT9M111 - CH Ting
"I am using this 1.3M pixel digital imaging device as the input to the Parallel Processor Array. It is a very interesting device, but very complicated, with more than 200 registers. Don't miss this talk if you are interested in digital cameras and image processing. I will bring my Parallel Processor Array and demonstrate how to capture and process images."

09/22/2006 - "I have just successfully tested the HMPP-Imaging system. So, instead of talking about just the CMOS Imager, I will talk about the entire system and bring in the FPGA Evaluation Board to do a sequence of demos, showing that all the components as well as the whole system is working properly."

The system employs an Altera FPGA chip running the parallel processing application, the Micron image sensor, and an I2C (8051-based) interface chip. The system runs at 70 frames/second. The image sensor is a 1.3 MPixel device in a 1200 by 1000 pixel format.

Powerpoint presentation in pdf




Forth Strings - Dave Jaffe
Dave will present some Forth code he has been developing that processes text files to count zipcodes and countries.

Powerpoint presentation in pdf


IntellaSys Update
Folks from IntellaSys duo updated us on the status of their chips and supporting software. They showed an advertising video and demonstrated a cooperative multi-processor application where the application code was run and transferred to an adjacent processor.




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