Notes from the September 2005 Meeting

Morning Session

1 million processors on a chip arranged as 1000 by 1000
single instruction, multiple datapath
300 Mhz=300,000 GIPS

Afternoon Session

Ear Training
Article by Glen Haydon in Forth Dimensions Volume XII, #5 Jan/Feb 1991
Published with permission - PDF - source code
Train your ear over the Internet
Earbuilder by GCM Enterprises - Get that perfect pitch ear you have always wanted

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Download :

ARM info

ARM Developers Conference 10/4-6 at Santa Clara Convention Center

NU Horizons Corp. has a free seminar on 11/01/2005 in SJ and an inexpensive OKI AME-51 ARM evaluation board - $199.

Alan Furman's ARM contributions

The latest Atmel monstrosity-on-a-chip:

Atmel's latest multiple-kitchen-sink ARM chips: AT91SAM7X128 and AT91SAM7X256 (respectively 128k and 256k of onboard flash).

They have (all on-chip): Ethernet, USB, CAN, IIC, 3 UARTs, 8 interrupt priority levels

Multiple UARTs are extremely important for doing central system control with serial peripherals like motion controllers and smart touchscreens while keeping a tethered link to an "operator" task. MPE Ltd. and Forth Inc. both have tethered development systems for the ARM. With multiple priority levels, interrupt-driven programming is still a hassle, but less than without them.

The "7" after SAM means that these chips have the ARM7 core (not ARM9 -- pay no attention to the "9" after AT). Atmel claims that by avoiding the need for code shadowing, they have "uniquely" realized the ARM7's potential for true deterministic execution times.

The parts are astoundingly cheap: "The AT91SAM7X128 is available now in a 100- lead LQFP green package for $7.20 in quantities of 10,000. The AT91SAM7X256 comes in a 100-lead LQFP green package for $8.65."

This looks like a universal solution for realtime complex machine control and instrumentation.

The low-cost ARM board I recalled from comp.arch.embedded uses the Atmel AT91SAM7S64, a less-stuffed sibling of the above chip, and sells for the attractive price of $60.

SAM7-P64 Developemnt board for AT91SAM7S64 ARM7TDMI-S Microcontroller

Alan Furman
alanf2 -at-


Turbo Forth introduced by Henry Vinerts
Source code:
Tally up number of bits in a number - John Rible
: *+ ( 9bit (top 9 bits) 9 bit (low 9 bits) - 18 bit )
	dup / and if over + then 2/ ;
: tally_bits
	8 for *+ push 2/ pop next ;
Tidbits from comp.arch.embedded
PIC motor controller with serial input
LCD with touch screen - UART input
MPE has embedded TCP/IP stack
Upcoming Talks and Presentations
IEEE SCV Magnetics Society
A Process View of Recording Head Technology
Rick Dill, Hitachi Global Storage Technology
Tuesday, 10/18/2005
KOMAG, 1710 Automation Parkway, San Jose
IEEE SCV Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Neural basis of reach preparation and communication prosthetics
Krishna Shenoy, Stanford Department of Electrical Engineering & Neurosciences Program
Wednesday, 10/19/2005
Clark Center Auditorium, Stanford University
EE Times teardown article on an "entry level" digital camera