August 2010 Meeting Notes

Compiled by Dave Jaffe

Contributions from Kevin Appert and others


Coffee and a Chat


VHDL Implementation of eP32 - CH Ting
"I have implemented eP32 on several FPGA platforms, including Xilinx, Altera, and Actel. I will dig up the Altera Stratix II development board and demonstrate it. The eP32 implementation is now in the public domain and I can give a detailed presentation. I would like to re-work it, taking out all the bells and whistles, and return it to the prestine state where Forth really shines. However, I may not get everything done by the August meeting."

VHDL Design of eP32 Microprocessor
Slides - 142 Kb pdf file
Video - 362 Mb ogm file


This is an unallotted timeslot for attendees to present something informally.


We will walk to The Treehouse by Tresidder Union. Here is the menu.


Introductions, Announcements, Discussions, Rumors, and Gossip - All Assembled
This month we'll go around the room and each introduce ourselves. If you've read something interesting, tell us about it!

Dave Jaffe briefly described Forth for Beginners by Christopher Lampton, 1985.


Field Trip Planning - All Assembled
We've been talking on the email list about a trip up to the Nike Site on the first Saturday in September. We'll discuss logistics for that trip and consider other expeditions, perhaps the FIRST Robotics CalGames in October.


$29 FPGA Board Runs Forth - John Rible
John will talk about his latest (non-GreenArrays) project: porting two Forth cpus and eforth to the $29 LatticeXP2 Brevia Development Kit.


This is an unallotted timeslot for attendees to present something informally.




Ascetic Programming - Samuel A. Falvo II
"Bear with me as I attempt to muddle through explaining why you shouldn't use object oriented programming in Forth, and how to make up for the loss using relational techniques."

This was a preview of Sam's Forth Day talk with a little more time for "side trips" and discussion.


This is an unallotted timeslot for attendees to present something informally. If nobody steps forward, we may run this 'blast from the past' (just the Forth part).


Archeology - SCADA in Forth - EXPRESS in polyFORTH - Dennis A. Ruffer
EXPRESS is FORTH, Inc's industrial control software. Dennis will give us a tour through the Mix Master demo.


Alan Furman gave a brief demonstration and description of a SwiftForth program running in Windows.


Clean up



Other items:

BV511 ARM Microcontroller - The BV511 is an ARM-based PCB which holds the Forth operating system
MicroProcessor Engineering - Forth systems for ARM, OS-X, Linux, Microsoft
Forth from FORTH, Inc. (MSP-430, but not necessarily for the TI MSP-430 LaunchPad)
CamelForth for MSP430F1611
MyForth Reference Manual - Revision 8
tengoku-engine - An advanced game engine written in Forth
pForth - Portable Forth in 'C'
Forth - from the Encyclopedia of Computer Languages
dc, an arbitrary precision claculator
Original manual by Richard Stallman
MKS Toolkit 9.3 documentation
MSP-430 LaunchPad
MSP-430 wireless wristwatch
MSP-430 development dongle - $20
Accelerometer for MSP-430 development dongle
Bluetooth for MSP-430
MSP430F149 running open source TCP/IP stack
Third party TI info
Additional MSP-430 LaunchPad discussion
Books by Richard Haskell
Introduction to Digital Design
Digital Design
Forth Jobs
Javascript 1K demos
Sam Falvo blog
Rendering Articles

Meeting Announcement

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